Outraged Democrats Are looking For Obama

Tensions are still escalating at the border, and former President Barack Obama is noticeably missing from the political circus. The Democrats are quietly complaining that Obama hasn’t done anything for them lately.

In an in-depth article by NY magazine, the writer details the hand-wringing and increasing anxiety among Democratic Party members who are desperate for leadership going into the 2018 midterm elections.

As one leading Democratic operative put it: “If [Obama] were willing to go way over the line and get arrested, or something way out there, that would be a galvanizing event.”

According to NY mag, Obama is modeling his post-presidential life after former President George W. Bush, by staying out of sight.

These days, Obama is focused on three things: saving his legacy, writing his memoirs, and raising cash for his Obama Foundation and his presidential center and museum in Chicago. All three of those things involve himself.

The Dems are looking for Obama to lead them into the midterms elections however Obama is obviously laying low and focused on his own agenda.

18 thoughts on “Outraged Democrats Are looking For Obama”

  1. Obama is like I’m good luv, enjoy. He held that position for eight years prior to chump being elected. You don’t see them trying to call out other former President’s who basically fade to black once their term is over. He’s not God. Let that man live in peace.


  2. Obama has been doing things behind the scene. He’s not an attention whore who needs praise and Late Night Pep Rally’s to feel good about himself . He has held the highest office so he doesn’t have to be out here in the spotlight. If y’all was seeing him on TV every five minutes you would have something to say about that. Cant have it all.


  3. I bet you the person who suggested Obama to get arrested is white 😂😂😂 the Causcasity be strong, loud and wrong SMFH 😆


  4. HEEEELLLL NAAAAW TO THE NAW NAW NAW! This is what we’re not going to do. HE IS RETIRED. What you need to be worried about is the current dumb ass retard president that’s in the office now, not the former president. They might as well be mad at Bill Clinton too. hE Is ReTIreD!


  5. As one leading Democratic operative put it: “If [Obama] were willing to go way over the line and get arrested, or something way out there, that would be a galvanizing event.”
    Y’all want this black man to martyr himself for a country that hates brown skin so much they elected a racist, pussy grabbing, scam artist? FOH O_o


  6. Obama didn’t do anything for ya’ll when he was in office, so how tf is he gonna help you now? We lost hundreds of Democrat seats across the country during Obama’s presidency. The problem is y’all’s POLICIES, not PERSONALITIES. Democrats love playing this silly game. If your policies were right, people would vote for you because they’d believe in them. But you guys are so focused on celebrities being in your corner and the likes of the Clintons and Obamas. Let these people go. They are history. The future is now.


  7. What has Republican done nothing what has Democrats done nothing why defend one when neither has gotten anything done


  8. You people are out of y’all damn minds……this man is damned if he does, damned if he doesn’t. Y’all have talked about this man and called his wife Everything BUT a child of GOD….what will his opinion or anything else he has to offer do for an Admin and Party and fake POTUS that hate his VERY EXISTENCE? this Admin doesn’t have respect for ANYONE that is not white OR black and kissing they azz….I don’t blame Obama, they didn’t appreciate him while they had him, so FUUUCK EM!


  9. Trump supporters KEEP saying they can’t wait to get America back, but back to what? Segregation? Lynching? White supremacy? Coat-hanger abortions? Internet camps? Child labor? Barefoot and pregnant? Either say what you mean, or shut the FUCK up!!! 😡


  10. The DemoCraps were lost while Obama was in office. Obama is quiet now because there’s too much evidence out now about the corruption of his administration. The IG report was damaging. Plus…they are boycotting Obama’s library because that kneegrow wants to destroy the neighborhood and it won’t create jobs. He wants over a billion for his library that will be better filled with homosexual and transsexual photos.


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