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Cop who shot teenager in the back as he fled during traffic stop was sworn in hours earlier

A rookie East Pittsburgh cop who shot a fleeing teenager in the back during a traffic stop was sworn into duty on the police force a few hours earlier.

17-year-old Antwon Rose was killed by a rookie officer who responded to a shots fired call in North Braddock.

Police observed a car speeding from the scene with what appeared to be bullet holes in the rear window.

A traffic stop was made and police detained the driver. Two passengers, including Rose, jumped from the car and fled.

The cop opened fire and Rose was struck multiple times in the back. A witness recorded the shooting with her cell phone.

Police recovered 2 firearms from the car, but Rose was unarmed.

The unidentified cop has been placed on paid administrative leave pending an investigation.

Protestors marched in an impromptu rally outside the East Pittsburgh Police station on Wednesday. Demonstrators called for the officer to be fired.

Rose is the latest in a string of students from Woodland Hills to be shot.

School officials and teachers spoke highly of the teen.

26 thoughts on “Cop who shot teenager in the back as he fled during traffic stop was sworn in hours earlier”

  1. I can’t with this…ya’ll know nothing gets to my core more than seeing unarmed Black men/youth being gunned down in the streets like dogs by trigger happy, fearful ass men in blue. But mayo can take his sorry ass in school, church, restaurant, SLAUGHTER 100 people and walk out in cuffs. I can’t. NOT TODAY!

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  2. But if I shoot smbdy in the back while they are running away I go to jail, this is so sickening! Just get rid of guns for cop’s! All they do is just shoot! This ain’t no video game!


  3. Damn the trigger happy cop was just sworn in? He was prolly thinking yes when can I use my gun🤗 put me in the hood 😟 Suspended with pay? Do they get a free trip to Hawaii too?


  4. Wait so what happened to using deadly force only when you feel your life is in danger??? Nothing justifies shooting someone in the back EVER….


  5. Nope, I’m not riding with this one right now, I need more information. He was in a car with bullet holes, two guns, jumps out and starts running NONE of that sounds like an innocent teenager…sorry. There are to many stories of REAL innocent victims for me to think this is one of them


    1. your comment is not only uneducated it’s flat out BS on the highest level….didn’t you learn to research at all??? Sandra’s version is not exactly what all the media outlets are reporting..SMH hopefully one day folks get back to thinking, reading and comprehending on their own!


    2. NewsGurl
      It doesn’t matter if he was an innocent teenager or Not! Let the courts decide that. In absolutely no circumstance is it ok for an officer to KILL somebody for running! I’m so tired of our own ppl making excuses for bad behavior by police! Someone’s life is gone because a cop didn’t feel like chasing him? But a man evidenced with killing 9 ppl in church is served burger king being escorted to jail? gtfoh!

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  6. this is sad 😥 but i have to say this..when you get detained DO NOT RUN…this is rule #1..especially with everything that is going on with cops. stay calm, yes sir, no sir get out yo bail…then call your lawyer


    1. when you get detained DO NOT RUN…this is rule #1..especially with everything that is going on with cops. stay calm, yes sir, no sir get out yo bail
      so basically answer like a runaway slave? GTFOH!!!


    2. The funny thing is..when we run they shoot, when we stay with our hands up they shoot. when we sit in the car and respond to commands they shoot,..so I think in they feel like this if you gone get me you gone have to work for this kill so they run out of fear…

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  7. WOW!!! Was it really necessary to shot him as he was RUNNING AWAY??? Are you fat ass, ignorant, trigger happy cops to damn lazy to chase down folks anymore??? So this is what your doing???? HE WAS RUNNING AWAY, NOT RUNNING TOWARDS YOU!! This shit is too much for me this morning….damn….I’m so pissed over this!!


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