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Border Separation has chilling historical echoes of slavery… Tonight on ‘Conversation Of A Sistah’

The Trump administration decided to work around the time restriction imposed by courts, by no longer treating families as units at these borders. Therefore parents are detained and children are “put into foster care or wherever,” in the infamously blasé words of White House Chief of Staff John Kelly. Now images of these children sleeping on mats placed on the floor inside of a cage is heart breaking when shown around the country.

As with much of the administration’s actions, it’s difficult to parse how much of this policy is a new moral low for the country and how much of it builds on historical precedent.

As is generally the case, the answer is both.

Forced separation of families was, of course, central to the American regime of slavery. In a system that allowed for hereditary enslavement, children were transformed into property at birth.

As the system of human trafficking grew over the early 19th century, children were regularly sold away from their families for both economic and punitive reasons. Supporters of slavery dismissed moral arguments against this separation, asserting that black people lacked the emotional capacity to truly feel the pain of losing a child or parent.

This historical fact seems to be repeated as we see the Trump administration’s policies regarding immigrants and the U.S. border.

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41 thoughts on “Border Separation has chilling historical echoes of slavery… Tonight on ‘Conversation Of A Sistah’”

    1. What’s sad he wouldn’t had done it if all the republicans in his party was against separating these families. He’s going to sign it and huff and puff like a spoil brat at the same time. Watch critics paint it like he’s doing it out the kindness of his cold heart.🖤 Never the less I’m glad and appreciative he signing it.


    2. When families enter the US of A illegally, the parents will be prosecuted and deported along with their children? Said families will be confined together while awaiting prosecution rather than separated?


      1. Yes. Instead of traumatic parent child separation, families will be detained together, parents prosecuted, and the family deported home as a family.

        He is still deterring illegal immigration by creating new Judicial posts for expediting prosecution and deportation of illegals. Personally, I wouldn’t come to the United Sates illegally.

        Trump is a master at reverse psychology. By appearing kinder, he will get more support for his wall. Americans are between a rock and hard place. They don’t want illegal immigrants here but they are dependent on the labor of illegal immigrants.


    3. Welp!!! that was quick…Trump will never admit he was wrong, he’ll figure out some self serving excuse why he was “made” to reverse his racist and ignorant policy. This was only a preview…Nigerians, Haitians and other asylum seekers from African countries are going to be next…we will see if it gets the same coverage, outrage and blog coverage


  1. This whole immigration law and the Trump administration policies are a hot ass mess. this is all about him trying to keep campaign promises.


  2. I don’t believe they implemented a system that keeps track of these kids. I’m certain many of these mothers will NEVER be reunited with their children.


  3. Whats sad is that the political parties actual like illegal immigration. That’s why they don’t want to do anything about it. Smh 😡


  4. So the man who never backs down…. decided to back down.
    Sorry, Trumpy, the damage is already done. We’ll make sure you and your party pay a price on election day.


  5. Between Trump AND his administration, I have a constant lump in my stomach while teaching classrooms filled with beautifully colored bodies. It’s sickening.


    1. seriously???
      what is it you don’t understand? black families were sold off during slavery. haven’t you seen roots? 12 years a slave? queen, the jane pittman story and so on? this is not a secret it’s in the fabric of this country’s history. please let google be your best friend then tune into the show O_o


  6. President Combover is evil, and this was his policy implemented in April. The Obama Administration never had this zero tolerance policy, so whatever you hear otherwise is not true. Sorry President Combover the damage is done. Vote midterms!


  7. This is all not going the way he thought it would. This petulant petty toddler baby tRUMP is just godawful. He has no compassion for anyone but self and personal gain.


  8. Compassion in my heart for these people and their plight. But not my people, not my fight. Too many issues within my own race being overlooked and disregarded for far too long.


  9. President Trump announced his plan to sign an Executive Order today that will keep immigrant families together after they are taken into custody at the border.


  10. The democrats just voted against a bill to “Keep the families together” so Trump followed through with an executive order.


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