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Angela of Liechtenstein was the first Black Princess to wear it.

Panama-born Angela Brown became the first black woman to marry into a ruling European royal family when she wed Prince Maximilian of Liechtenstein in 2000.

Angela met the prince, who is eleven years her junior, at a reception in New York and the pair were married at the Church of St. Vincent Ferrer in New York, with Angela wearing a gown she’d designed herself. Eighteen years later Meghan Markle copied the dress as the bride of Prince Harry.

Like Harry, Prince Maximilian is a second son (of reigning Prince Hans-Adam II of Liechtenstein) and is unlikely to inherit the throne, allowing him to live a relatively normal life.

Meghan Markle married her Prince Charming, Prince Harry of Windsor, during an understated yet elegant ceremony at Windsor Castle in England.

Meghan and Harry’s wedding was the most viewed BBC television event of the year.

20 thoughts on “Angela of Liechtenstein was the first Black Princess to wear it.”

  1. Chile Tracy…the whole ceremony just beautiful … Just beautiful … Simply beautiful …. It was dope … 😍😍😍😍 much love to them…. Dianna is so proud … So proud ..


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  2. The choir singing “Amen” as they were walking out to their chariot was so heavenly! The whole scene took my breath away.


  3. Although her Givenchy custom wedding dress was very plain and NOT my taste, she looked lovely. I love their love, find them very cute together! Her Stella McCartney dress at the reception was very nice too! I wish them lots of happiness! xoxo


  4. I loved her hair, simple and elegant and how it naturally fell. Her dressed was stunning and the perfect choice to reflect elegance, modesty, and innocence–all three qualities she evoked beautifully. Harry outdid himself and he knows how lucky and blessed he is.

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  5. Yes Princess Angela got the come up of the century. She married into the wealthiest royal family in Europe. I just love to see black women win and thrive. It’s so inspiring.

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