Waffle House Suspect Arrested… A Hero Acknowledged with 4 Dead, 4 Wounded


April 24, 2018 by The ReadyWriter

After a massive manhunt, the FBI announced the arrest of Travis Reinking, 29, the suspected gunman who went on a shooting rampage inside a Waffle House restaurant wearing only a coat and no bottoms. He was captured yesterday hiding out in a wooded area near his home.

The manhunt involving 160 FBI, federal marshals and law enforcement officers, concluded after Reinking was taken into custody alive with no resistance according to police.

In the wee hours on Sunday, Reinking walked into the Waffle House restaurant with an AR-15 assault rifle and opened fire, killing four and wounding 4. Waffle House hero James Shaw, Jr. (pictured top center) charged Reinking and disarmed him before any more patrons were killed.

Shaw Jr. attended a press conference in Nashville on Sunday with FBI Special Agent In Charge, Matthew Espenshade (L) and Metro Nashville Mayor David Briley (right). Shaw, Jr., 29, took action disarming the gunman and ultimately forcing him out of the Waffle House restaurant.

Shaw, Jr. broke down and cried during the emotional press conference on Sunday. He embraced Waffle House President and CEO, Walt Ehmer who called him a hero. “I’m not a hero. I’m just a regular person,” Shaw said.

On Sunday, Shaw visited with the wounded people in a hospital.

“Have you met James? James saved a lot of lives,” one of Vanderbilt University Medical Center’s surgeons told the father of one of the victims.

The two men embraced, crying. “Thank you,” the older man whispered to Mr. Shaw.


88 thoughts on “Waffle House Suspect Arrested… A Hero Acknowledged with 4 Dead, 4 Wounded

  1. Bobby says:

    He’s a cutie


  2. Ashanti says:

    Tracy uma need you to contact James Shaw and have him on your show. He fine

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  3. Ashanti says:



  4. adrianepage says:

    That 4-4 is a powerful number

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  5. nicolenavy says:

    Kudos to James Shaw. What a breathe of fresh air to see a real live black hero. God Bless him.


  6. billyboy695 says:

    This was a hate crime


  7. civil2010 says:

    Waffle House has been in the news for everything but their iconic scattered, smothered and covereds. Let Waffle House be great again, people!

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  8. keewee2010 says:

    So proud of Mr. Shaw! Thank God he had the courage to act! May good karma come his way….

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  9. coco2011 says:

    James Shaw Jr = BADASS!!! You go boy!!


  10. abelford2010 says:

    160 armed officers searched for this man, not one was trigger happy, not one accidentally shot him, not one felt threatened even tho he was armed and dangerous with an arsenal of weapons in his apartment, not one shot him dead, not one.?????? O_o


  11. 2thick4you says:

    Crazy ass. had no draws on. wonder what he was smoking?


  12. tamala2010 says:

    A real LIVE black panther 😛 be still my heart


  13. oliviajohnson2010 says:

    A lot of parents are shitbags and too many know their kid is crazy and do nothing about it.


    • rezzie2010 says:

      It’s no that a lot of the parents do nothing about it, but more so that there’s very little they can do. With the closing of mental institutions that housed people with psychotic illness and the entrance of patient’s right to refuse medication, their hands are tied.


    • kaylabrown2010 says:

      The dad should be prosecuted as well as an accessory.


  14. oliviajohnson2010 says:

    You turn your comment section off too quick


  15. rezzie2010 says:

    Nothing but God’s best upon this brotha


  16. valerieperry35 says:

    Tracy you failed to mention in your post how the police had confiscated his guns once b4 and gave them to his father. His father in turn gave them right back to him. They should arrest him as an accomplice to murder. How dumb was that?


    • arice95 says:

      You are right but in this case his father retrieved his guns from the police after they were taken away and said he would keep them safe and locked up. Apparently not. Smh 😡 wonder how his father feel?


  17. arice95 says:

    Kudos to Shaw….he may not feel like a hero, but HE IS! 🙏🏼


  18. adambantre says:

    James Shaw said he’s not a hero and don’t want to be considered one.


  19. yvonne2010 says:

    Another domestic terrorist who’s able to sit behind bars while unarmed blacks are laying in the ground another thing I’m waiting on white media to bring up whether this Hero black man has a criminal past like they love to do


  20. daisydukes2010 says:

    Fled the scene naked?? No bottoms? These white boys are stone-cold crazy. Just mofo-in crazy.

    Kudos to James Shaw, Jr. He’s a hero. Praying for the families who lost loved ones.


  21. omarnance2010 says:

    Apprehended and NOT ONE SCRATCH on that crazy motherfucker😡 not a 1


  22. danny20053 says:

    This guy is most def a hero. I hope that WH president broke him off a lil somethin somethin.


  23. gabby2012 says:

    and NOT one scratch on him when they apprehended him smh! FOH!


  24. katman2011 says:

    Another Caucasian mass murderer arrested without being shot or killed. SMH


    • bballen says:

      Yep yet a brother holding a cell phone killed in a jail of bullets 😡 the double standard is shockingly unbelievable


  25. katman2011 says:

    Glad a black man the hero let’s see how they try and dig up his past of prior arrest and all this other BS.


  26. lisalowe694 says:

    The majority of his dead victims are black.


  27. cameo1 says:

    another white terrorist. when will these white parents begin to raise their children to be productive well-adjusted members of society? too focused on stifling the rights of minorities and being oblivious to anything (other than their “opioid crisis”)


  28. kaylabrown2010 says:

    Thank you Mr. Shaw for your courage and a good call. Condolences to the victims’ families and those that knew and loved them. It’s tragic all around.


  29. randomchick2011 says:

    They always get arrested. No injuries. Not shot or nothing. smh never any injuries.


    • sane2011 says:

      Now you know they not gonna kill one of their own. Even if he was to go charging at them with a weapon, they would shoot him with bean bags or taser him or something.


      • pookienem says:

        Now you know they not gonna kill one of their own.
        Tomorrow’s Conversation on Conversations Of A Sistah is White Privilege in America. Couldn’t come at a better time.


  30. floridagirl2010 says:

    God Bless this brotha.


  31. browngirl2010 says:

    I pray nothing but good come to him.

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  32. ionnawynn says:

    Lord let this young man BE GREAT!!!!

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  33. pookienem says:

    He is just loved right now. Hopefully nothing but good things will follow.


  34. hooddwight27 says:

    True American Hero!


  35. gabby2010 says:

    He’s a real hero.
    I hope he whooped that boys ass good.
    And I hope all of this attention won’t come between him and the friend who was with him.


  36. slickrick2010 says:

    he’s the real mvp


  37. Yvonne says:

    We salute you Mr. Shaw.


  38. Omar says:



  39. yashalynn says:

    Meanwhile, the co-owner of a Colorado crane company where Reinking once worked says she urged federal officials to keep Reinking in custody after he was arrested at the White House last July.

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  40. xmen2010 says:

    And yet non of those killed has been on the news and showing respect for the lives lost.. shit makes me sick

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  41. Uncle Ed says:

    This young man is indeed a hero


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