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Celebrity Siblings: EJ & Elisa Johnson

EJ Johnson, 25, and his adopted sister Elisa Johnson, 23, attended the Neon Carnival after the Coachella music festival with friends over the weekend. Magic Johnson’s youngest son wore coochie cutter denim shorts and a sparkly, sheer see through top with thigh high suede boots.

Elisa Johnson wore all black, in black shorts with a revealing jacket. EJ’s sister seemed a bit annoyed that the paparazzi focused on his revealing, eye-catching attire with his cheeks being revealed.

14 thoughts on “Celebrity Siblings: EJ & Elisa Johnson”

  1. Magic need to get his son.
    This shit right here is some serious karma. Like a I’m back from the 80’s type of Karma. He swung the Johnson a lil too deep on some chick and she cursed his seed. Smdh


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