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The Origination of Black History Month on “Conversations Of A Sistah”

Black History Month often sparks an annual debate about the continued usefulness and fairness of a designated month dedicated to the history of one race. Criticisms include questions over whether it is appropriate to confine the celebration of Black History to one month, as opposed to integration of Black history into the mainstream education the rest of the year. The manner in which American schools fail to represent Black historical figures as anything other than slaves or colonial subjects, by which Black History Month reduces complex historical figures to overly simplified objects of hero worship. When the success of a people is just as poignant as their struggle and sacrifice.

But should Black History be relegated to just one month? How did it all begin?

Join host Tracy L. Bell for her commentary “The Origination of Black History Month” at 6:30 p.m. EST tonight onConversations Of A Sistah”

Follow “the link” to access the online show.

We hope to meet you on the air!!

16 thoughts on “The Origination of Black History Month on “Conversations Of A Sistah””

      1. do we really not know the history of when and how BHM originated?
        No!!! Why don’t you tell us @Angelhair??


      2. @Agelhair…..hope you tuned in because she gave us so much more. she spoke of a woman who really started the CRM and it wasn’t Rosa Parks. so really?


  1. We celebrate it actually all year long. But do we really know the history of why? and how? we can all google it but I’d rather tune into the Conversation. But the hate is real I see.


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