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Will you boycott tonight’s State of the Union address? That’s Tomorrow’s Conversation….

On “Conversation Of A Sistah!

Many are outraged over President Trumps comments regarding immigration and his recent remarks about Haiti and African nations. They feel disrespected and downright insulted, so one conclusion is they’ve chosen to turn off his state of the union address tonight. Some democrats choose not to attend because of the President’s racist rhetoric and blatant disregard for people of color. This is their way of saying “enough is enough!!”

Some people don’t care to hear what this president has to say because he further adds insult to injury with his ignorant remarks and egregious policies.

Will you tune in? Either way, it’s tomorrow’s conversation piece on Conversations Of A Sistah And I will be taking your calls in the studio at 1-917-889-7872. Just press ‘1‘ for the host Que.

All “conversation links” in this post will give you online access to the show.

Hope to see you on the air!

4 thoughts on “Will you boycott tonight’s State of the Union address? That’s Tomorrow’s Conversation….”

  1. Tracy I’m so done with Trump. He’s worst than Bush. Hail it’s obvious because no one talks about George W anymore.


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