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We’re Talking – “The Woman’s March” and Comedian Mo’Nique on Tonight “Conversations Of A Sistah”

We’re back and tonight’s conversation is all about The Woman’s March and Comedian Mo’Nique.

People across the nation marked the anniversary of the historic Women’s March on Washington this past weekend. But for some women, the anniversary is another reminder of the shortcomings of the 2017 Women’s March. Last year critics made it painfully clear how the march centered on white women at the expense of women of color and trans women. Groups who many felt had more to lose under a new administration than any other human rights issues. But some underrepresented women felt their issues — such as racism, discrimination, police brutality, LGBT inclusivity, and immigration — were relegated in favor of issues that matter most to straight, white, middle-class women. We have to decide: Do we want equality and justice for a select group, or do we want it for everyone?

And my crew and I saw comedian legend Mo’Nique at Levity Live last Friday night, where she talked about her road to success and her boycott with Netflix. Our host is back and the Conversation is hot!!!

See you on the air!!!!

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