Our Year In Review on the next “Conversations Of A Sistah”


December 20, 2017 by The ReadyWriter

2017 has been a tumultuous year for race relations, political changes, sex scandals and justices denied.

It’s that time of the year again, when “Conversations Of A Sistah” will review our hottest shows and in-depth “Conversations” of 2017. We’ve had some really great guest and hot topics this year and we need to review them all.

Our guest had great stories to share as well as their successes and accomplishments but how can we say or even decide “What specific show or guest was the best?” My staff and I couldn’t narrow it down, therefore we’re covering them all and still leaving it up to my loyal readers and listeners to resolve.

Join us at 6:30 p.m. EST on “Conversations Of A Sistah” via blog talk radio, as we look back on our year in review.

See you on the air!

Access “all links in this post” for the online show!!


90 thoughts on “Our Year In Review on the next “Conversations Of A Sistah”

  1. acquittap says:

    Haley Smith was the best IMO

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  2. acquittap says:

    Hold up….This show is tonight right?

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  3. omarnance2010 says:

    Seidah GARRETT hands down🤙

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  4. browngirl2010 says:

    Seidah GARRETT my gurl.
    She trumped them all 👐👐


  5. adrianepage says:

    Loved every single guests. Lawd knows I did but SEIDAH GARRETT 😉 she was thee absolute best!!!


  6. charmin2010 says:

    I loved the show with Haley Smith because I love the song “safe place” but Seidah🙄 there is no vote. She was awesome!!!


  7. ionnawynn says:

    Aw Riplay was too cute
    Plus Ken Brisbon on when Boaz is broken but SEIDAH GARRETT stole the whole year😁fucking love her.


  8. mittseybean says:

    Seidah GARRETT 👊✊🤘


  9. mittseybean says:

    I love this end of the year voting🤗

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  10. nicolenavy says:

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  11. abelford2010 says:

    SEIDAH GARRETT was best I gotta agree.

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  12. arice95 says:

    SEIDAH GARRETT is an icon. Michel Jackson’s prodigy. And hearing her she was so down to earth.i loved that show. And Tracy I’m still waiting for the link so I can get her tshirt.


  13. randomchick2011 says:

    2.Haley Smith
    3.Kheris Rogers

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  14. kaylabrown2010 says:

    Decisions decisions 😚


  15. tamala2010 says:

    Seidah GARRETT.

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  16. cameo1 says:

    I gotta go with SEIDAH

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  17. cameo1 says:

    D ayum
    Guess I 4got about some of the guest


  18. adambantre says:

    I gotta go with SEIDAH GARRETT. C’mon Tra you should know betta

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  19. daisydukes2010 says:

    Seidah GARRETT is a given
    But I also loved Ripley the girls group, Haley Smith and Shemieka Michell.

    Freddie Jackson couldn’t be bothered🤣
    Ken was good and so was Keishorne.

    This is hard 😉

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  20. alscream says:

    Time flys and I’ve enjoyed each conversation
    But since I have to vote, I gotta choose SEIDAH 😁 love her

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  21. aceman2010 says:

    Trace you really tryna get us to vote for your best guest conversation from a list of guest that include the world renowned Seidah GARRETT? 😐

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  22. bballen says:



  23. lexyjay2010 says:

    Haley Smith
    Kheris Rogers
    And Riplay💓

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  24. shawnia says:

    Tracy this is super hard because all of your guest were great conversations. So here’s my 2cents
    2. Haley Smith
    3. Ripley
    4. Keishorne Scott
    5. Shemieka Michelle
    6. Ken Brisbon
    7. Kheris Rogers
    8. Freddie Jackson

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  25. yashalynn says:

    Haley Smith because i empathized with her story.
    SEIDAH GARRETT because as great as she is, she’s humble.👐
    Ripley because of their talent and potential 👐
    Kheris Rogers because she turned a minus into a big plus🤘💓

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  26. mahogany2010 says:

    Haley Smith
    And Riplay✌👊✊

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  27. princessc697 says:

    Seidah is in a category by herself💓
    But they were all good.


  28. billyboy695 says:

    Screaming Seidah GARRETT!!!!!

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  29. sane2011 says:

    Erbody talking bout Seidah
    The brothaz this year had some good convos too

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  30. Yvonne says:

    Seidah #1 hands down


  31. Angelhair says:

    Ion know had she done top 10 we wouldve had more to choose from.


  32. EbonyEyes says:

    Tracy not coming back till 1/24/18 😥


  33. Yvonne says:

    Good show 😛 they were all good at the end of the day!!


  34. Gia says:

    that was some year in review 🙂 Congrats to the top 3 votes

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  35. bird2009 says:

    Congrats to all winners

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  36. henriettagreen38 says:

    What top 3 won?
    I missed it

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