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My “Friend” Chef Carl Redding, Needs Your Support!

I met Carl Redding way before he shared his love for the kitchen and his dreams of becoming a chef. In fact we, my family and I served as his test tasters way back when. And with such a successful career and strong track record as Rev. Al Sharpton’s Driver, body guard and Chief Of Staff, who knew becoming a world renowned Chef was in the cards of his destiny.

Well known and connected in the industry, his rise up the restaurant food chain became inevitable. On Mother’s Day, 1999, Carl opened Harlem’s famed Amy Ruth’s Restaurant. The people of Harlem flocked to Amy Ruth’s as it became known for its chicken and waffles, macaroni and cheese and its variety of southern dishes named after political dignitaries and famous friends Redding met along his journey. Carl continued riding the waves as he opened another Amy Ruth Restaurant location in Foxwood Casinos in Mashantucket, CT as other locations eventually followed. Carl made a name for himself as his bodacious personality and boisterous smile is as genuine as his love of people. He made himself known in the communities he became nestled in but now, HE NEEDS YOUR SUPPORT.

In a recent health scare, Carl had to have his left leg amputated and this tall, big black burly man who stood 6 feet tall is now confined to a wheel chair!!

Since the leg amputation Carl can no longer support himself and this is why he needs our help and our support. He has no income at all!!! And has been denied benefits at this time. This unfortunate incident is devastatingly shocking for Carl because his livelihood is being tested.  

I’ve linked his “Go Fund Me” account to my blog and to this post. Your generous support and contributions are well appreciated and I sincerely “thank you” in advance.

9 thoughts on “My “Friend” Chef Carl Redding, Needs Your Support!”

  1. If I’m not mistaken Trace had him on her show at one point.
    Wasn’t he the one who said “he love his mom and Jesus?☺


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