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Kneeling in Protest is not about the flag, Tonight on “Conversations Of A Sistah”

Yes she’s back and she’s back with a vengeance and she’s talking about the one thing that’s hot!! The NFL Boycott.

NFL players reacted with rage when President Trump told NFL bosses to fire players who protest and disrespect the American flag during games.

The president mocked the player protests and he told football fans to walk out of the stadiums if they see players take a knee during the national anthem.

“When people like yourselves turn on television and you see those people taking the knee when they are playing our great national anthem – the only thing you could do better is if you see it, even if it’s one player, leave the stadium,” Trump said. “I guarantee things will stop.”

Tune in at 6:30 p.m. EST on “Conversations Of A Sistah, for Ms. Bell’s commentary on the NFL boycott and why IT IS NOT about the flag. We will be taking calls in the studio at 917-889-7872.

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15 thoughts on “Kneeling in Protest is not about the flag, Tonight on “Conversations Of A Sistah””

  1. Kneeling d locking arms is definitely NOT about the flag or meant as disrespect for the flag. Specifically, it is about the injustices witnessed and experienced by citizens under the flag. It is the flag which is supposed to signify our adherence to justice and equality for all, yet it seems to be reserved for some. That is particularly impactful in communities of color, and citizens of ‘darker’ hues.
    America is becoming more brown, and as we expand diversity, we still contract and dismiss the inherent rights of diverse people to be given equally humane consideration and treatment within mainstream environments and by ‘dominant’ groups. Authority figures and the powers that be still operate on privilege as its base, but that contradicts the message of the pursuit of an American Dream…or earning the rights to own a ‘piece of the pie’. Some people, however, can’t even buy or lease it. Kneeling is about humanity and justice for all, and the absence thereof.


    1. When instead of criticizing and calling Black NFL playèrs “Sons of biitches” he needs to focus on the matters and concerns of this nation.


  2. Surely the leader of the free world has more pressing matters to concern himself with: the looming threat of nuclear war, states that have been ravaged by back to back natural disasters, staffing issues in his administration, etc. However, he wants to put himself in the middle of this. SMH I try to respect the office of the President no matter who’s there but he makes it incredibly difficult.

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  3. Thank you NFL players for standing with Kap. I know its hard to compromise your hard earned work but right is right. The white owners think they entitled to make money while the country kill us. Nah yall kill my people ain’t nobody making no money. #boycott the NFL


  4. Tracy I like what the NFL did, however they were not standing up for Kap. Kap stood alone last year for the most part. If they had done this last year when Kap did it, maybe he would still be working in the NFL. This is strictly about Cheeto Trump rubbing folks the wrong way………….again.


  5. Dump loves the flag……. it allowed him to file bankruptcy 6 times and keep his money. IT allowed him to get 5 fake doctor notes from his doctors to keep from going to war. It allowed him to defraud people on purpose and not go to jail. Kim from North Korea dotard was epic. He said I am the wrong mofo to mess with. Now you get on your rocket and ride up outta here. It been over a week and he still hasn’t sign that bill denouncing DOMESTIC white terrorists group. 😡


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