Manhattan Couple Jump off office building, woman left note that said, “Our kids are upstairs, please take care of them”

A 53-year-old chiropractor and his wife jumped to their deaths from a midtown office building after typing double suicide notes complaining about their financial woes.

The NY Daily News reports that the couple jumped from the ninth floor of his office, which had recently been permanently closed.

The couple landed in the street near the sidewalk in front of the 14-story office building at Madison Avenue and East 33 St. around 5:45 a.m., police said.

A note found inside a Ziploc bag in the woman’s pocket read: “Our kids are upstairs, please take care of them.”

The Ziploc bag also contained a letter from the chiropractor along with their ID cards.
The man’s letter read: “WE HAD A WONDERFUL LIFE,” before touching on their spiraling debt.

The note continued: “Patricia and I had everything in life” but “we can not live with” the “financial reality,” sources said.

A double suicide is unusual even for New York City and I when I saw the headline I thought it was “fake news”.

“It’s awfully scary and sad,” said Cortney Jekielek, 36, who deejays at 305 Fitness gym down the block. “We had to cancel classes but so what? This is terrible,” she said.
The couple lived in downtown Manhattan.

15 thoughts on “Manhattan Couple Jump off office building, woman left note that said, “Our kids are upstairs, please take care of them””

  1. VERY SELFISH!!! How could you leave your children because of financially hard times? Minorities all over the world have had to learn to survive without a pot to piss in. This is very frustrating and heartbreaking.


  2. Damn they could’ve gotten a second job? Maybe working a graveyard shift as a security officer? Driving a taxi? Babysitting? Mowing lawns? Fast food on weekends?

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    1. Sounds like it might have been above them. And since they found money to go to their local watering hole bar where they were described in one story as being “regulars”; to the point they were hanging out with the manager personally…they didnt have time to work a second job


  3. White People aren’t cut from the same cloth as we are. We are built strong and they aren’t. Smh at these two selfish people that left children behind because they were to cowardly to face their issues.

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    1. Yep that’s right! sure we all have issues and we all deal with things this life throws at us, but to kill yourself over it is just crazy…white folks are certainly not built like us.


  4. This is a rough bunch in here. Mental illness is real and seems to be contagious. Unfortunately everybody can’t handle the pressures of life.


    1. So both were mentally ill? what are the ODDS? They were still frequenting their local bar the DN says. having a good time. Out laughing. I think they were ashamed to admit to their family and friends they no longer had it like that and couldnt bear embarrassment. I know real mentally ill folks. that truly cannot help it and thus are NOT embarrassed. They havent paid taxes since 2003. They been mentally ill since 2003? Or broke since 2003 and were tired of being broke. FOH No disrespect.


  5. Incredibly selfish! I can’t believe that you would just abandon your kids to who knows what because of your choices. Foster care can be worse than suicide.


  6. Wow, this actually makes me want to cry. The fact that not one adult, but two adults figured together that it would easier to give up and even more so that, that their kids were not worth the extra fight for not leaping to their death. Maybe they have a great life insurance plan and the kids won’t have to go through whatever in the hell demon they gave in to. Crazy.


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