Lawyer Lisa Bloom Says Usher Infected Several Women With STDs


July 25, 2017 by The ReadyWriter

Usher Raymond‘s STD scandal is widening as more women step forward claiming the 38-year-old singer infected them with Genital Herpes.

The scandal erupted last week when court documents leaked to gossip tabloids revealing how Usher paid a $1.1 million settlement to one of his ex-wife, Tameka Fosters bridesmaids.

Lawyer Lisa Bloom says the women reached out to her last week claiming Usher neglected to tell them he was diagnosed with genital herpes before they had unprotected sex with him.

The court documents describe Usher leaking a green discharge, which is more commonly associated with gonorrhea than herpes.

One woman who claims she was infected by Usher is demanding at least $20 million — $19 million more than she originally asked for.

In her initial lawsuit, the woman, named as “Jane Doe”, claimed the promiscuous singer used a condom when they had sex the first time on April 16 in Atlanta. But when the two were intimate a second time 12 days later, she says he did not use protection.

The woman says she found out about the “possibility of contracting an STD” when she learned about a lawsuit in 2012 in which Usher coughed up $1.1 million (excluding lawyers fees) to one of Tameka Foster’s bridesmaids.

The new lawsuit claims Jane Doe, who is not infected with herpes, is seeking $20 million for “exposing” her to herpes, emotional distress, negligence and sexual battery with an infected penis.


27 thoughts on “Lawyer Lisa Bloom Says Usher Infected Several Women With STDs

  1. CorporateBitch says:

    I am really disappointed in Usher. I’m still shocked at this news. He hasn’t disputed it and is in hiding.


  2. 2Thick4you says:

    Where is his publicist in all of this because it is just silence from his camp or maybe that is what he/she is advising him to do…. but the more women come forward the more the media is going to pursue this story. Even his ex-wife Tameka issued that post last week but crickets from him..sad all the way around.


  3. Lilly says:

    He must have a sex problem. We all know he used to get it in with Superhead. I’m sure he has more floating around his body than herpes. He just doesn’t care and keeps raw dogging. I mean he just slept with this latest victim a couple of months ago…and now she’s positive for herpes. This is Bill Cosby part 2.


  4. Mittsey says:

    People’s health is their own responsibility. Why would the ladies not ask if he had an STD prior to engaging in sexual relations? There has to be some ownership on the women’s part.


  5. Olivijah says:

    Just nasty 😷 no way, no how. Don’t want that gift that keeps on giving, or any STD for that matter.


  6. acquitta says:

    who would hop on a dick with a green discharge coming out of it? Nasty O_o


  7. Gabriella says:

    How embarrassing! O_o


  8. Shawnia says:

    Of course more women are going to come forward they wanna jump on the money wagon.
    Hopefully Usher didn’t screw everyone he encountered raw. O_o


  9. Civil says:

    This is one STD that’s fa life. No cure. Green shit come out of my Johnson and I’m cutting that shit OFF. 😆 LOL


  10. BrownGirl says:



  11. BrownGirl says:

    This is nasty. Just nasty. I almost lost my breakfast O_o


  12. Adam says:



  13. Mahogany says:

    Usher. lawd.


  14. Alscream says:



  15. Natasha says:

    Every woman he slept with oughta know his sexual status.


  16. 2Thick4you says:

    money can’t buy everything, including good/clean health.


  17. UncleEd says:

    the only way to be safe is NO sex at all.


  18. Adriane says:

    Just nasty.


  19. Adriane says:

    This scandal is tretuous.


  20. Miss Ang says:

    Usher will neva outlive this one.


  21. ashanti2012 says:

    Lawd Usher just nasty. Better stop fucking with these groupies.


  22. ANNESE says:

    What kind of crazy! First off, he slept with his ex wife bridesmaid! Wrong #1, then he paid her over $1m, Wrong number 2, then you gonna go around spreading your green glob to other women. Not only was he not thinking about her, but himself. Ever hear of HIV dummy! She isn’t any better, you know that you are the umpthteenth person that he has slept with, how bout you wait awhile before letter him slide in with no protection. This is all the way wrong!


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