We’re Not Airing “Live” Tonight But Your Conversations Can Go On!

Hey Conversationers,

Although there is “No Live Show” tonight you can keep the conversation going regarding today’s event, one being the passing of Charlie Murphy. The news of his passing broke my heart. His memory will be forever etched with laughter, for he was one of a kind.

Tune in next week, for our special guest R&B crooner Freddie Jackson. See you all then, have a wonderful week and an awesome holiday weekend.

20 thoughts on “We’re Not Airing “Live” Tonight But Your Conversations Can Go On!”

  1. I’m too thru….i just knew I’d be hearing you que up that intro….😭 dang Trace where u at?


      1. Sup fam,
        Whenever Tracy cancels she’s usually away lying on a beach somewhere.😆we need to stalk her Facebook page.


  2. Now where is our hostess with the mostest😭 oh well Ms..Bell wherever you are…hope you njoy 😙


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