Women March but were Black Women Played? Tonight on “Conversations Of A Sistah”


February 8, 2017 by The ReadyWriter

06557cef-6e66-43ba-9552-f981b6335c75_cx0_cy6_cw0_w987_r1_s_r1It looked powerful, united and victorious as over five (5) Million women (and some men) worldwide and over 1 Million in Washington, D.C., marched, spoke, rallied and made their voices heard on January 21, 2017.

But who exactly was making history and what was/is the real agenda behind this mantra of women united?

Naysayers are questioning the real intent or hidden agenda behind this Women’s march on Washington; when historically speaking, the Feminist movement was just another method of “divide and conquer” the black family. Black women were only ever included to boost their numbers with no real benefit.

Actress Alfred Woodard, Kerry Washington & Singer Brandy Norwood at the Women’s March

The traditional feminist movement isn’t really advocating for Black women or other women of color, white feminists have enlisted women of color to fight a battle that’s not entirely theirs to fight.

When in all reality, black women should not feed the dysfunction of devaluing the black male presence and authority of being absent from a family structure.


Shemeka Michelle

Tune-in “LIVE” at 6:30 p.m. EST with host, Tracy L. Bell on “Conversations Of A Sistahvia blog talk radio with her special guest; Author, Speaker and Personal Empowerment Advocate, Shemeka Michelle (pictured above), on the topicWomen March but were Black Women Played?”

Author ofKeep It Naked”  and the Naked Girlz blog, Shemeka Michelle shares her brief commentary and quip, regarding the women’s march in her Facebook video below.

 The “Conversation links” in this post makes it possible to access the show!

108 thoughts on “Women March but were Black Women Played? Tonight on “Conversations Of A Sistah”

  1. Neesey says:

    This…should be good. She’s telling the truth!!! Video funny though O_o


  2. Angelhair says:

    What the hell were they marching for exactly? It looked more about attention seeking Hillary supporters. O_o


  3. Yes says:

    The news tried to down play the Womens’ March, like people don’t have eyes and ears. What beautiful site it was.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Daisy says:

    Good morning everyone


  5. Kayla says:

    Ok Shemeka!
    Many people were out with differing agendas in one unifying body. It was merely an opportunity to join with the world concerned with recent American politics.
    Tuning in o hear this take on it.


  6. Bobby says:

    I wanted to represent differently abled folks and for the most part men and women came out sending a basic anti-Trump message aside from the voting booth.


  7. RandomChick says:

    I feel good that White Women are leading this march and future marches certain to come. 53 percent of White Women voted for Trump, so they should be mad!


  8. Lilly says:

    Ohh this gon be good!!!
    Because the amount of power Trump has with Congress and the Supreme Court SHOULD be of INTEREST AND CONCERN to all of us, given his proclivity to be compulsive, narcissistic and catering to his base and the GOP.


  9. acquitta says:

    Shameka, we need these people out there, and WOKE! The fakes will soon fall-off, but those looking for protection from a possible dictatorship, new forms of insidious censorship or blacklisting better march, he’s that kind of guy, petty with a huge ego befitting a dictator!


  10. Natasha says:

    I don’t agree that White women are leading this march being that many of the march organizers are Black women.


  11. Adriane says:

    Yes black women were never initially included just to add to the numbers. And some of the most privileged people in the world, making public appearances not to help us but to help themselves make more money.


  12. Sane says:

    Sometimes you need a little comic relief, some laughter, humor in this bullshit.
    Tell it Meek Meek


  13. Billyboy says:

    she fine


  14. Alscream says:

    All these lesbians, I mean femenists ☕️


  15. Mahogany says:

    Stars and the media hi jacked the Women’s Movement’s goals and messages with their nonsensical political nonsense! If they want attention go back to work and entertain America. The world is laughing @ you but women are hurting.


  16. Floridagurl says:

    When will they march to end world hunger or child trafficking?🤔😥


  17. Bird says:

    This is where I don’t support.
    They have a love Trumps hate him march yet want to support private things such as Planned Parenthood to support abortion???????????????

    Were all these women on their period????


  18. Tamala says:

    PREACH Tameka
    I wouldn’t March for “women’s right”. I’m black first a woman second.


  19. Olivijah says:

    Where were all these women when Black women were being brutalized and/or killed by cops?


  20. Aceman says:

    No one marched not even BLM when the cops killed the young sister while holding her toddler son.


  21. Omar says:

    So, they were/are willing to support this movement based on the facts concerning the founder of PPH? When she hated the disable, and blacks. Yet, PPH is a pivotal piece to the womens right movement. FOH
    Ya’ll willing to ignore this just to believe that your voice is being heard? Sistahs it’s a trick!!!


  22. Henrietta says:

    Are blk ppl only capable of supporting one thing at a time?


  23. Yvonne says:

    it’s a conflict of interest for others to have OUR interests on the table!


  24. Shawnia says:

    Margaret founded Planned Parenthood to rob black women of choice through forced sterilization. She wanted to use abortion as a tool for genocide.


  25. Shawnia says:

    Love her commentary on this.


  26. Ebony says:

    That march was all hype, with no real agenda. Yet all these black women showed up., like followers O_o


  27. Coco says:

    Wtf are these women protesting about? How much more rights are American women looking for? Not one black face should be at this white women celebrating their privilege and periods protest.


  28. Nicole says:

    Mm Hm….was he being sarcastic or what?

    Liked by 1 person

  29. Applebottom says:

    Did anyone else think Ashley Judd was way over the top in her speech delivery?


  30. Bobby says:

    black women clearly didn’t get the memo, it’s about the black man and the black woman.


  31. Gia says:

    gots to hear this show


  32. Civil says:

    what exactly was this march supposed to be about for black women? I’m with Shameka. Black women always jump on the ban wagon for Becky’s cause.


  33. CorporateBitch says:

    This march certainly not the plight of black women, victims of police violence and murder victims.


  34. Lisa says:

    I have issue between the black grassroots feminist movement and the organizers of this march. period…they needed more people involved in the organizing. they’re agenda seemed to be all over the place.


  35. Felicia says:

    Yes I will be tuned all the way IN


  36. Princess says:

    I felt some type of way about this March as well, I sat this one out. WHERE WERE YOU on election day when it was time to vote? White Women voted for this monster, Black women were trying to tell you, but you didn’t listen!


  37. Miss Ang says:

    “The Women’s March on Washington aims to send a message to all levels of government and the incoming administration: that we stand together in solidarity and expect elected leaders to act to protect the rights of women, their families and their communities”

    And I’m quoting this from its organizers.


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  39. Mittsey says:

    Gloria Steinman was and is the face of the feminist movement. Tracy uma need you to address some of the things she’s done for black women.


  40. BBallen says:

    Gonna be a good show.


  41. theamericanfrau says:

    Too funny! Sorry to say I am a white women – but I loved your commentary – very insightful.


  42. Lexy says:

    Good show Shameka Michelle, you answered that shit and was on point too. It’s true their men raped our women and oppressed our men so why should we march with them? 😡

    Liked by 1 person

    • PookieNem says:

      But that was so long ago. It’s a new day why are we still hung up on what was done in the past?


      • Mrs says:

        If you heard the show, you heard her say if they are NOT trying to uplift and help our black men, then they are trying to keep us oppressed. that was something to think about.


      • Adam says:

        I heard the show and don’t think it should be about a racial divide but unity amongst all women, black, white, India, Puerto Ricans etc.


      • Yasha says:

        We’re dealing with systematic oppression. They don’t/can’t lynch us like they used to (though it’s been reported to happen once in a while in the south). Now, they destroy us economically, mentally, and physically. Law enforcement is a perfect example. It was established to catch runaway slaves. When they were “freed”, a law was later established that it was illegal to be homeless. Guess who were unable to afford housing? We were. So, that means we were back in bondage (prison) and living in the unfortunate cycle of life.

        But Pookie, my dear sister, I understand where you’re coming from. I appreciate your insight.


  43. 2Thick4you says:

    We were never really included only included for their numbers.


  44. 2Thick4you says:

    Good show.


  45. QueenC says:

    Shameka was right about our voices being heard in any march. These marches do not support us. It’s a farce.

    Interesting conversation Tracy


  46. BrownGirl says:

    It was an interesting conversation and Shameka Michelle was right on.
    And we still don’t know Wtf these women were protesting for? How much more rights are American women looking for? Not one black face should’ve been at this white women march celebrating their privilege and periods protest. *rolls eyes*


  47. Adam says:

    👏👏👏👏👏 I got nothing negative from the March it was beautiful


  48. Cameo1 says:

    Great show.
    I agree with Shameka, we can attach ourselves to so many marches from the moon and back. And we will still not get the respect as a people.
    We’ve been marching over the same issues since we left the plantation fields.


  49. Anthony says:

    Shameka’s commentary is funny with facts. She eloquently broke down why she believes black women had no business marching with a bunch of privileged Becky’s and I agree with her whole heartedly.


  50. Rezzie says:

    Good show and I loved Shameka’s commentary on the women’s march she was dead on.
    Praise Gawd


  51. Xmen says:

    Yeah her commentary is truff but she fyne


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