Secret Service investigates Madonna for threatening to blow up the White House


January 23, 2017 by The ReadyWriter

madonna-549x317With Trump in it.

The U.S. Secret Service has opened up an active investigation into terroristic threats made by pop singer Madonna against President Donald Trump at the Women’s protest march on Saturday.

Madonna reportedly told demonstrators at the Women’s March On Washington that she has “often” thought of “blowing up the White House”.

“I’m angry. Yes, I’m outraged. Yes, I have thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House,” Madonna said. “But I know that this won’t change anything. We cannot fall into despair.”

The 58-year-old mother-of-4, graced the stage dressed like a young hipster as she dropped several “F” bombs, before CNN gutted her speech with commentary.

A spokesman for the Secret Service reportedly told media outlets that the agency was “aware” of the singer’s comments and would open an investigation, though the final decision on whether to prosecute would be made by the U.S. Attorney’s office.

Other stars attending Saturday’s demonstrations in DC and other cities included Alicia Keys, Barbra Streisand, Rihanna, Brandy Norwood, Janelle Monáe, Kerry Washington, Tracee Ellis Ross, Debbie Allen, Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, and more.


65 thoughts on “Secret Service investigates Madonna for threatening to blow up the White House

  1. Mahogany says:

    Aw c’mon she didn’t really mean it.


  2. Miss Ang says:

    She did not say she want too or going to blow it up. She said “she thought about it” they have no case……. a l o t of us have the same sentiments… O_o


  3. Angelhair says:

    What was she thinking??
    She didn’t only put a threat on D Trump but the whole White House. If I was a regular worker I would be concerned as well.


  4. Miss Ang says:

    Since an “alternative fact” isn’t a lie, I’m going to see if I can pay my bills next month with an “alternative check,” which isn’t cash or a credit card.


  5. QueenC says:

    Oh they know Madonna didn’t mean that literally *_*


  6. Shawnia says:

    I was listening and it sounded like she just got caught up in the moment, but folks are crazy and Donald is despised by many groups of people.
    Plus Secret Service is getting push back from Republicans, i.e., Newt Gingrich etc…. that’s the only reason why they opened an investigation.


  7. Cameo1 says:

    We say “imma kill that biTch” all the time but that don’t mean your really gonna do it. That woman has too much to loose


  8. acquitta says:

    She might not mean it but the crazies that idolize her might do it


  9. Coco says:

    They have to determine what her intent was in reference to a making a serious threat, which it was NOT. so it’s not going anywhere. They need to investigate Drumpfs threat to our nation.


  10. BrownGirl says:

    Black folks should stay out of politics period. We have our own “politics” we need to address amongst ourselves before involving ourselves with others. These celebrities are leading people to slaughter.


  11. BrownGirl says:

    Good afternoon Fam


  12. Applebottom says:

    She will be OK she’s a White woman it will not be taken as a threat now if she would have been a Muslim or a Black person it would be taken very serious too bad President Obama didn’t get the same Secret Service protection there were to many instances were crazy people were able to enter the White House including the crazy person that’s living there now.


  13. RandomChick says:

    Gonna have to investigate a lot of people, most are angry but most enjoy their freedoms.


  14. Omar says:

    Donald Trump sux☹️


  15. Billyboy says:

    The bust of MLK.
    Spice Girl is claiming someone owes Chester Cheetah an apology for someone stating the bust of MLK was removed from the WH. “That’s racist.” 😛

    These mfs are lying about the lies they’ve told. Lord.


    • Danny says:

      Unfortunately this is true, A reporter stated that the MLK bust had been removed when in fact it wasn’t. His view of the bust was obstructed by a door and a Secret Service agent. The reporter apologized and Spicer accepted it. Not sure why it’s still being talked about and it was a mistake and not racist.


      • Miss Ang says:

        The reporter jumped to conclusion….just anything to call someone racist when he didn’t see the agent standing in front of it….


      • 2Thick4you says:

        What’s not true is that Black people would view Trump negatively because that bust had been removed. We view him negatively because he refers to us as “the Blacks” and opened a non-profit organization called “The Blacks for Trump,” formerly “Blacks for Trump.”

        Trump wouldn’t rent apartments to “the Blacks.” He seems to think all “the Blacks” live in the “inner city” and are uneducated, ignorant, lazy and needy. Meanwhile, two exceptionally educated “Blacks” just moved from the WH and handed the keys over to poor, uneducated white trash that used their white privilege as a means for a comeup.

        Man-lania played ‘pussy, don’t fail me now’ and landed herself a glucose daddy. Donald piggybacked his ass off of his immigrant daddy and carried daddy’s name over so he wouldn’t have to do any real work. Typical.


      • Adam says:

        President Trump still has the MLK bust up in his office. The media seems determined to tear down everything he does. They covered a bunch of foul women and innocent children wearing pink puzzy hats on their heads. Weak women lead by people like Madonna protesting a president on his second day in office. Let’s not forget their march was held on a Saturday. The Inauguration was on Friday and many of us couldn’t attend. In the end, we have a real Commander-in-Chief and he’s vindictive as most white men are. I really wouldn’t want to get on his bad side. These so called feminist are about to learn…President Trump is Ronald Reagan part Two. He will put his foot up their butts… and do so swiftly.


  16. 2Thick4you says:

    Tracy why no post on Trump’s administration brazenly lying over his inauguration turnout, something that’s entirely trivial and easily disproven?


  17. Civil says:

    Two days after his inauguration, and “President” Donald Trump is already a bipartisan laughingstock. Obsessed with the size of the crowds at his inauguration, Trump spent his first speech to the Central Intelligence Agency complaining about how the media was lying about the attendance at his swearing-in-ceremony; he later dispatched not one but two of his lackeys to repeat those same lies to an incredulous press and nation.

    The entire nation has taken to mocking him for his continued obsession with “size” and overcompensating for his own deficiencies.


  18. Ashanti says:

    She looks stuffed beyond capacity! 😆


  19. Gia says:

    Madge gets no passes from the Secret Service….she’s had way to many black dicks in her to be considered 100% white. she is as black as my ass.


  20. CorporateBitch says:

    I watched it live and paused when she said it. I thought ‘isn’t that a threat?’ and let’s see if she gets away with it. I like her as an artist but I didn’t like her speech … it was random (unprepared) and the F bombs were unnecessary.


  21. Princess says:

    Madonna seems like such an annoying little girl O_o

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  22. Yasha says:

    Them booty injections must be going to auntie Madonna’s head


  23. Xmen says:

    Madonna has been speaking out against ALL organized politics since Ronald Reagan. She is used to it and they are used to her and NOBBBBBODY sent the Secret Service after her. UNTIL NOW.


  24. Mittsey says:

    Madge has NEVER had any fucks allocated or to give. NEVER. EVER


  25. Ebony says:

    They ain’t gon do shyt to madonna.


  26. Tamala says:

    This is what we’re wasting money on? With the freeze on federal hiring, they need to pick and choose what they investigate.


  27. Rezzie says:

    When it hits the fan for him. I’ll be there. I know it’s coming. I can feel it.


  28. BBallen says:

    I doubt they prosecute this rich yt woman.🙄 We are still in amerikkka,now if a black woman had said it, she would have been charged and have a warrant by now 🤔


  29. Alscream says:

    Don’t like him, but I had an expectation that they make examples out of threats against Obama… so I have the same expectation about threats against Tangerine.


  30. Adriane says:

    Chile please !


  31. Floridagurl says:

    Madonna has power and the money to back her words up. That’s why there’s an “issue” with her. She can rally those white women to get out of the kitchen and actually go be effective, which is what their white husbands and boyfriends don’t want.

    The women’s march was the Caucasian woman’s way of saying she refuses to be disenfranchised in this nation as the Black woman has been.


  32. Yvonne says:

    Madonna gon be alright.


  33. Starr says:

    This is a mess!!!


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