Dylan Roof Sentenced to DEATH!!!


January 10, 2017 by The ReadyWriter

aabttlvA U.S. jury on Tuesday condemned white supremacist Dylan Roof to death for the hate-fueled killings of nine black parishioners at a Bible study meeting in a Charleston, South Carolina, church in 2015.

The same jury last month found Roof, 22, guilty of 33 federal charges, including hate crimes resulting in death, for the shootings at the historic Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church.

Jurors deliberated for less than three hours. Roof stared straight ahead as the judge read through the jury’s verdict findings before announcing his death sentence.

Roof, who represented himself for the penalty phase, was unrepentant during his closing argument earlier in the day. He told jurors he still felt the massacre was something he had to do and did not ask that his life be spared.

Roof’s hate was apparent as he was unremorseful during testimony of the entire trial.

Roof still faces a trial on murder charges in state court, where prosecutors also are seeking the death penalty.


27 thoughts on “Dylan Roof Sentenced to DEATH!!!

  1. Xmen says:



  2. zion says:

    They had too. The crime was too hateful and vile to NOT SENTENCE THIS BOY TO DEATH!!


  3. Acquitta says:

    Callous, cold dirty bastard!


  4. Cameo1 says:

    May he rot in hell…they waitin on em


  5. Yasha says:

    I couldn’t see it any other way


  6. Shawnia says:

    Thank God!


  7. RandomChick says:

    He showed no remorse and got tired of hearing from the victims and didn’t want the judge to label him evil…he has a lot of sick and twisted demands. They need to just put a bullet in his head and call it a day, don’t linger his ass on death row. 😑


  8. Adriane says:

    Evil sick son-of-a-bitch!!!


  9. SouthernFriedSushi says:

    Eh. What solace can one take when life is taken? What outcome is sufficient enough in a world that allows the law to be the arbiter over events such as these. Do you cheer? Cry? Is there relief? I mean, what do you do? Where is the revenge? The justice? If humans are killed, shouldn’t the loved ones of those who were slain be allowed to reciprocate the justice? The Death Penalty for someone who fears no death, nor is convinced of any wrongdoing seems like the easy way out. I don’t have exact solutions for what to do, I just wonder how we are supposed to feel about it. There is no right way. It all sucks


  10. Rezzie says:

    happy news…Dylan Roof sentenced to death……Won’t HE DO IT!!!!!!πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ


  11. kaylabrown2010 says:

    We should have a parade


  12. neesy20110 says:

    Hopefully it wont take SC 50 years to put his ass to death 😑


  13. Omar says:

    Why even put him on death row, just trot his ass str8 to the chambers from the courtroom.


  14. Starr says:

    Thank Gawd!!!
    MornTing peoples.


  15. Miss Ang says:

    Oh well it’s time to pay the piper. this ignorant racist bigot has BLOOD on his hands. and sadly as it is., he believes this is something he had to do. and that’s nothing more than hatred in his heart πŸ˜₯ sad


  16. Angelhair says:

    but the families did 4give him 😑


    • Nicole says:

      Just because some of the families of the nine people killed and three people who survived a racist massacre in a Charleston church have forgiven the man convicted in the shootings doesn’t mean they think his life should have been spared.


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