Woman tries to put Christmas sweater on pit bull, and pit bull mauls her!

pit-bull-attack-550x306A pit bull named Scarface viciously attacked its owner after she tried to put an ugly Christmas sweater on the pet, police and family said.

The dog attacked Brenda Guerrero, 54 (inset pictured), in the arm and attacked two other family members in the backyard of their Tampa, Fla., home on Friday, Tampa police said.

Guerrero’s granddaughter, Tina Harris, told the New York Daily News that she underwent surgery Friday and is recovering from her wounds at Tampa General Hospital.

Harris described her grandmother as a dog lover and said she never noticed the dog acting aggressively toward her grandmother.

Guerrero reportedly suffered serious but non life-threatening injuries, according to local authorities. Her husband, Ismael Guerrero, 46, and son, Antonio Harris, 22, tried to stop the dog but were both attacked.

The couple’s son reportedly stabbed Scarface in the head and neck with a knife, in order to stop the attack according to WABC-TV.

The family managed to escape, leaving Scarface in the backyard. The dog then entered the home where two children were inside. Animal Control responded to the scene and used a stun gun to subdue the pit bull, capturing it with a catch pole.

Animal experts advise pet owners not to put human clothing on dogs because it may cause overheating. But people don’t listen, and when animals attack as the result, owners can’t understand.

64 thoughts on “Woman tries to put Christmas sweater on pit bull, and pit bull mauls her!”

  1. I keep telling my circle (who love these dogs) this breed in particular will snap…it doesn’t matter how much love you show them…in the end game they are all beasts that are not equal to people…


  2. No way I’m putting a sweater on any big dog like that.
    Now that mutt got to be put down because of stupid owners 😡


  3. white folks love to fuck with animals. they try to ride wit the dolphins at sea, hug and kiss and be all up under bears in the woods and as soon as these animals show their true nature they’re all shocked and shit. and it’s always when they are about to lose their lives. smh dumb asses. she lucky her son stabbed that pit because he actually saved her life.


      1. None taken, all races own pit bulls and some people (of all races) just know NO better.
        True indeed


  4. Wow that poor pitbull. as hot as it is in Florida O_o dumbass woman!! No wonder he attacked her it makes sense. THE DOG already has hair all over him and now you wanna wrap a sweater around him? TFOH he should’ve attacked her.


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