“Jesus is NOT the reason for the season” Tonight on “Conversations Of A Sistah”

009d6a_9df8225c18e3418382e11b63f232477dWe grew up believing in Santa Clause, the tooth fairy and the Easter Bunny, thinking all of these fictional characters were tied to our religious beliefs.

Some of us grew up being a part of the Christmas programs in our churches and in school, having these same beliefs reiterated and instilled in us by the Christmas programs we see on television and in movies. The programming was instilled to influence the masses and Christmas has become one of the biggest commercialized holidays of our time.

How did Jesus become a figure into all of this? When there is no documented facts that He was even born on December 25, Christmas day.

Join me tonight at 6:30 p.m. EST as I’m airing “LIVE” on “Conversations Of A Sistah” via Blog Talk Radio for my commentary Jesus IS NOT the reason for the season“. Tune in to find out the facts.

The “conversation link” in this post make it possible to access the show.


55 thoughts on ““Jesus is NOT the reason for the season” Tonight on “Conversations Of A Sistah”

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    • Oh well, if you heard the show, you know she addressed what you said “that show contradicts” what she’s saying now. But she’s been hoodwinked LOL 😆 hail we all were at one time.


  2. And Tracy said in December 2012
    Do we realize that Christmas is a celebration of the birth of Christ? Christ was born because God had an ultimate plan for man. Do we realize that He (Jesus Christ) was the real gift to man?

    Please explain???


  3. Oh well people. There you have it. and for those who can’t believe it get that book she mentioned, better yet go to all them scriptures she threw out there.


  4. did y’all boycott the show too? Wassup? Talk to me people. Good show tonight. Trace was bold enough to tell y’all the TRUFF. I already knew Jesus ain’t have nothing to do with no Xmas trees Satan Claus or candy canes. LOL


      • Tonight’s topic was good and regardless Ms. Bell stated facts, that doesn’t mean that people are actually going to STOP celebrating Christmas. People do what they wanna do. PERIOD!!


  5. Thank you Tracy for sharing the truth and not being afraid to profess how you’ve evolved. we all should want to grow. anything that doesn’t grow should be dead.


  6. Tracy ain’t the 1st one to say this and won’t be the last. Christians just REFUSE to believe this truth.


  7. This topic needed to be addressed. Jesus is NOT the reason for the season just as Christmas was created for economic gain.


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