Racism in America

Judge Declares Mistrial in Walter Scott Murder Trial

walter-scott-550x370The North Charleston police officer (Michael Slager), who shot and killed Walter Scott in the back as he was fleeing will not face justice.

Slager, 35, was fired from the North Charleston police force after cell phone video of the shooting was released.

A South Carolina judge declared a mistrial after 1 juror refused to convict Officer Michael Slager. The jury was hung 11-1 with 11 voting to convict Slager of murder in the April 4, 2015 shooting.

NY Post β€” The judge had told jurors they could also consider a lesser charge of voluntary manslaughter.

Slager was standing trial for shooting 50-year-old Walter Scott to death in North Charleston after stopping him for having a broken taillight. Cellphone video taken by a bystander of the shooting was shown widely in the media and on the internet and sparked national outrage.

Jurors had deliberated more than 22 hours over four days.

Slager is currently free on $500,000 bond.

51 thoughts on “Judge Declares Mistrial in Walter Scott Murder Trial”

    1. Not at all surprised or shocked at all.
      I’m sure the federal charges will be dropped under the new Attorney General. Sad πŸ˜₯


  1. The trials are to shut us up, not for justice. The longer the deliberations the more we’re suppose to think they care or there will be justice. Mm hm


  2. I used to believe that their intention was to pacify us . We will march & pray for peace, in turn they will act like they give a damn. But this is the most blatant slap in the face to the so called post race Amerikka yet. To have a video of a murder & still the cave man walk away unscathed is so telling of the lack of regard they have for our black life.


  3. This is going to keep happening while trump is in office and after he leave and 40 years from now because in America a black Man’s life is not worth a dime. 😑


  4. They killing us left and right, yet we still celebrating their holidays and acting as if this doesn’t faze us. seriously? FOH I say cancel Christmas and spending black dollars in their stores and establishments


  5. You know what will surprise me? A conviction!!! PERIOD!
    Until that happens, I’m unmoved. No amount of money for killing someone’s loved one is going to make it OK. Well for me it won’t.


  6. That one juror actually said he “can’t in good conscience approve a guilty verdict” .
    Really? His conscience wont allow him to convict a man seen on camera shooting an unarmed man in the back? If that ain’t murder we saw on that videotape, then what is? SMH


  7. Trust and believe, if the cop shot a dog, the cop would’ve been paying for it as I type this message. There is no justice when it comes to us.


  8. Messed up part is, the lone black juror (also the foreman) asked the judge to excuse the 1 juror who refused to vote guilty on any charge. Said it ain’t no split decision, just 1 hateful piece of chit disrupting the process.


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  10. They have charged Gasser with manslaughter in the killing of the ex football player.

    A weak charge but better than walking free.


      1. They have charged Gasser with manslaughter in the killing of the ex football player.
        I saw that. Hope it sticks.


      2. They have charged Gasser with manslaughter in the killing of the ex football player.


  11. Maybe they will have better luck with the next jury. Karma will take care of dude who thinks it’s OK to shoot people in the back for sport.


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