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Mall of America Shoppers Threaten Boycott After Mall Hires Black Santa

santa-550x363A slew of bigoted shoppers at the trendy Mall of America in Minnesota are threatening to boycott after the mall hired its first black Santa Claus for 4 days.

Readers sounded off in the comments section of the Minneapolis newspaper. Many of the comments revealed the racism that divided this country in post-Obama America.

The reaction was so vociferous that the newspaper was forced to shut down the comments section.

“Looks like we had to turn comments off on story about Mall of America’s first black Santa. Merry Christmas everyone!” an editor wrote.

A report on a CBS Minnesota website that was inundated with racist and vile comments was also shut down.

This poor Santa, looks like he may be out of his seasonal gig.

17 thoughts on “Mall of America Shoppers Threaten Boycott After Mall Hires Black Santa”

  1. Whelp. My 5 year old believes in Santa, I don’t care what color he is and neither does my son. Santa is part of the innocence of being a child, he has plenty of time to be jaded, hurt and betrayed by this world so for now I am going to let him enjoy his childhood.


  2. So white people think God is white, Santa is white, the president should be white, Barbie should only be white……dumb asses. smh


    1. Yup because their world is white and they wanna keep it that way. don’t you get it? we fuck it up for them!!! that’s why they wanna make america great again. FOHWTBS!!!


  3. That Santa is so handsome. I would love it if we had a Santa like him at a nearby mall. I would definitely take a picture with him.


  4. I don’t have kids but if I did I wouldn’t have them believing a fat sprite man is going to bring them gifts on XMAS in the first damn place. That’s my hard earned money….YT ain’t taking credit for my work.


  5. I never believed in Santa. I told my own mom ✋ at 6 that he ain’t real and side eyed kids to death who believed in that bs HOWEVER this Santa had I seen as a child I might’ve believed lol

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