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Gay film ‘Moonlight’ tops Gotham awards

movie-550x405The movie Moonlight is about a young black boy named Chiron who grows up in a rough part of Miami and finally accepts his homosexuality after longing for a boyhood pal.

Moonlight stars Mahershala Ali, Janelle Monáe and Naomie Harries as Paula, Chiron’s crackhead single mom.

Chiron (played by 3 actors from childhood to adult) is bullied unmercifully by neighborhood thugs, mostly for his small stature and his effeminate nature.

Mahershala Ali plays Juan, the sympathetic neighborhood drug dealer who acts as a father figure to Chiron and teaches the boy to swim.

Monáe plays Juan’s empathetic girlfriend Teresa, who provides Chiron with a safe home away from home.

The following is a quote from a Wikipedia review:

“The only other person Chiron seems to find comfort and companionship in is his best friend Kevin (Jaden Piner), and their sexuality begins to bud when they stay after a dancing class during school to show their genitals to each other.”

Moonlight didn’t do well at the box office for obvious reasons (it grossed $8 million since opening day in October).


16 thoughts on “Gay film ‘Moonlight’ tops Gotham awards”

  1. It may be a good movie, but it’s odd to keep pushing homosexuality onto children. I guess the presumption is that it already exists, so why not address it. BUT what if it doesn’t already exist?!
    I’m mostly taken aback by any sexual undertones. Like, why with the kids?


  2. Yeah, I probably wont be watching this movie…..Like several others. Nothing against it…just look like it aint gonna be bout shit


  3. i can’t understand why people have to bash the movie….if it’s not the type of movie you want to see b/c of the gay theme simply don’t watch it


  4. This was the most horribly produced & edited movie since (insert any TP flick)… shamefully unpolished film that went on forever and ended where it should’ve begin…


    1. Personally, it was as artistically produced as well as it could be. I don’t have much to say from that end… in terms of the direction and editing – it was simply horrible.


  5. The movie was CORNY at best. I mean, I wasn’t looking for them to kiss and have relations, I was just interested in their lives and how they became who they were, why they became who they were… it was too much nothingness going on in my opinion. And honestly, it wasn’t really a “gay agenda” theme to me. It was a story that just happened to be about two dudes who may, or may not, have been gay.


    1. Ionna,
      I was just interested in interpersonal relationship dynamics period, so the gay stuff (which, honestly there wasn’t ANY gay stuff , besides that one kiss, in the movie) wasn’t a draw for me.


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