Video of boy acting out while getting a haircut, went viral…Were they WRONG for holding him down?


November 28, 2016 by The ReadyWriter

Many of you have already seen this video of a 6-year-old boy with emotional and behavioral problems who is acting out while getting his hair cut.

Is it and was it, wrong to inflict more violence on an already damaged child?

Dr. Nancy Rappaport, a Harvard Medical School professor, tells that children who act out aggressively in public or in school are likely suffering from an undiagnosed anxiety disorder.

When the chief complaint is temper tantrums, or disruption in school, or throwing themselves on the floor while shopping at the mall, it’s hard to know what it means,” she explains.

“The trouble is that when kids who are anxious become disruptive they push away the very adults who they need to help them feel secure,” notes Dr. Rappaport.

The video is a bit disturbing but was the mother wrong for inflicting such trauma on her son? And do you think the barber should’ve still cut his hair?

Your thoughts?


37 thoughts on “Video of boy acting out while getting a haircut, went viral…Were they WRONG for holding him down?

  1. Neesey says:

    Ok here’s my 2 cents:
    I could be wrong but I don’t think people feel like he should be beat like Kunta Kinte but there are many different forms of disciplines and the parents need to find the one that works for this kid….


  2. Yvonne says:

    Tracy the mother need’s her ass whipped..End of story.


  3. Acquitta says:

    This is str8 up ABUSE.


  4. Omar says:

    It’s amazing that all of a sudden what we used to get growing up when we acted like this kid was good, old fashioned discipline is now being called abuse. GTFOH


  5. Billyboy says:

    Growing up there was no such thing as ADHD…you acted up, you got that azz whipped and it made you think twice about doing it again.


    • Adriane says:

      I disagree……..a lot of children WERE abused ….. my grandmother would get an extension chord ….. now why in the entire hell did she need an extension chord …she did not .. it was too damn much … I DID NOT DESERVE THAT CRAP IT WAS ABUSE PERIOD and it has affected the way I deal with people, fear , bullies …. You can’t say hey whack em they’ll get over it …when ANYONE puts their hands on you ESPECIALLY as a defenseless child IT’S ABUSE and will effect them when they get older.


  6. Adriane says:

    And yes Tra the video is extremely disturbing


  7. Miss Ang says:

    This is abusive.


  8. Kayla says:

    This child will be traumatised. No one took the time to divert his attention by maybe giving him a game or fav movie to watch. The little boy is not being physically harmed but emotionally harmed.


  9. Rezzie says:

    What you do to children in their childhood affects their adulthood. This cannot happen everytime he gets a haircut.


    They need to find a better way.


  10. bobby says:

    Lawd have mercy…. it’s taking 4 men to hold him down and cut his hair… now if he refuses male disciplinary action then ppl will wonder why. Black ppl are already traumatised. Why keep adding insult to injury. This right here… IS NOT THE ANSWER.


  11. Ionna says:

    I don’t care what anyone says, a good ass whooping will cure all of that crap!


  12. Alscream says:

    Aint no dammm ADHD it’s BAAC (BAD ASS ACTING CHILD) right there I would go bernie mac on that lil ass


  13. CorporateBitch says:

    This is why the prisons are full of black men. Black people refuse to acknowledge or seek help for their boy children even when it is obvious the child has an emotional problem. You can’t beat anxiety out of a child.


  14. Randomchick says:

    Bless his heart but ADHD don’t mean you won’t be disciplined and it’s not abuse to do so. Better to set boundaries and teach them before the streets, jails undertaker get them.


  15. Tamala says:

    His mama is going to have issues with him! How is he at school? He is definitely learning this behavior from someone! I would just need one afternoon with him, he would be good as gold! LOL!


  16. Jordan Walsh says:

    I could watch. This sort of stuff really bothers me.


  17. Angelhair says:

    some kids are genuinely terrified of the barbershop


  18. DHood says:

    He’s disrespectful because there’s no man in his life. No excuse…I’d still beat his behind. Respect to these men for helping.


  19. Nicole says:

    Barbers (owner) said the comment below on his facebook page/post says that wasn’t his first cut. …
    This is a comment from the barber from that shop. He said
    The little boy has been there before and is not autistic nor is he special needs.
    To everyone who followed the video, We at Ko’s Barber Lounge, appreciate and respect all comments and concerns.

    This was a case of Men coming together and showing discipline in a Barber way, that young boy
    gets his hair cut here often and we have never had a problem servicing him before.

    He is not autistic nor has any special needs. But was very disrespectful to his mother, and I am sure extra parenting needs to take place. But as a Man, Father, and Barber We had to be the Village that
    day, we didn’t think this video would go viral but i hope it shows we have a lot to do to save our young men.



    • Keisha says:

      i can dig that!!
      Well i am glad he gave more light on the situation saying he has NEVER seen him act like this before and this is not his first time being serviced.. wow..jus adds more questions into why exactly did he act that way!


      • Mahogany says:

        It took a village to cut his hair..they really tried to help. In the end she rejected their help and gave in to the child. She doesn’t discipline him and doesn’t want anyone else doing it either. Smdh


      • Ashanti says:

        I think the kid has anxiety issues.


      • Yasha says:

        Having childhood anxiety does not mean he is special needs. Is Kanye West special needs? None of those barbers are medical professionals. The boy clearly has emotional and behavioral problems. It is not just a parenting issue. The boy needs help to manage his anxiety now before it becomes an anger management or criminal issue later on.


      • Randomchick says:

        Anxiety = disrespect….OK


      • AppleBottom says:

        Anxiety my ass!! That little boy is fresh!!! And his mother has no skills in disciplining him. she can’t handle him.


  20. AppleBottom says:

    Beat dat azz period! I don’t care what his affliction is. Hit me with a shoe that I bought for you, just the mere act of throwing the shoe should be enough to wax dat azz. O_o


  21. Shawnia says:

    He could be terrified of a bad dream but dont know it was a bad dream. That had to do with hair…who knows. I would not let my child scream like that.


  22. Henrietta says:

    This makes no sense. how embarrassing and what a reflection on the mother. O_o wondering where is the kids father?


  23. BBallen says:

    He needs a damn ass whooped imo. This little boy don’t have no Adhd. I blame the ignorant parents for letting him act this way and thinking it’s cute. Not in my house his ass will be whipped


  24. PookieNem says:

    The rod of correction will drive the foolishness out of a child O_o


  25. Pointmen says:

    He needs home training. We don’t know if he’s suffered trauma…he could just be a bad azz lil nigga in dire need of a spanking.


  26. Omar says:

    man, i wish i could transport him back to the 70s and into my house with my daddy and his big black azz belt.


  27. Cameo says:

    This is the results of having an uneducated mother and absentee father. And, if someone doesn’t get them (he and his mother) help, the child will end up in the prison system.


  28. Adam says:

    wow ! some show that kid put on


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