“Racism and this 2016 Election” Tonight on “Conversations Of A Sistah”


November 16, 2016 by The ReadyWriter

untitledFears of heightened bigotry and hate crimes have turned into reality for some Americans after Donald Trump’s presidential win on Tuesday November 8th. And the list of incidents keeps growing.

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, they’ve counted more than 300 cases of hateful harassment or intimidation in the U.S. since Election Day. “They’ve been everywhere — in schools, in places of business, in stores like Walmart and on the street,” SPLC President Richard Cohen said Monday.

While Trump has been accused of fostering xenophobia, hate, racism and Islamophobia, some people have used his words as justification to carry out hateful crimes. In recent days we have witnessed ugly episodes of racist or anti-Semitic pro-Trump graffiti along with threats or attacks against Muslims.

img_3449Join me tonight at 6:30 p.m. EST on “Conversations Of A Sistah” via blog talk radio with my special guest, who is no stranger to this blog, Republican Commissioner of the Passaic County Board of Elections, Mike Ramaglia (pictured left), as we discuss racism and its role in this election.

All “Conversation links” in this email make it possible to access the show.

In the meantime, sound off here and meet me on the air.


50 thoughts on ““Racism and this 2016 Election” Tonight on “Conversations Of A Sistah”

  1. Pinky says:

    Aw hell. Tracy pulling out her REPUBLICAN secret weapon y’all

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  2. Bobby says:

    I like him 🙂 Gonna be a good convo. It’ll be good to hear from a REPUB finally.

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  3. Henrietta says:

    The people have spoken. Morning All!


  4. Henrietta says:

    Good morning


  5. Acquitta says:

    here we go again!!
    Listen people stop focusing in TRUMP and CLINTON, power forward and continue to empower yourself!


  6. Adriane says:

    White people can count on black envy, jealousy, and hatred to assist and maintain racism. And black folks boo hooing over Hillary and Trump when black communities are destroying themselves.
    Obama, Hillary, and Trump will not bring change because change starts within.


  7. RandomChick says:

    Why don’t the Black Republicans publically take a stand with a news conference and let sexual predator President elect Donald know they don’t let the appointment of known racist Bannon as his Chief Strategist. They are skurred to say a word because massa might put them off the plantation. Omarosa doesn’t have a job yet and Dr. Ben Carson is off the Trump train wreck. O_o


  8. Adam says:

    So Mike voted for a SEXUAL PREDATOR?? A Republican Racist? And someone who has been a Republican for 18 months and said the Republican party was stupid. Yep he proved them right because they voted him in 😆 Yeah Trace ask him about that. O_o


  9. ManUp says:

    tuning in….


  10. Billyboy says:

    C’mon Tra 5 seconds and she’s on


  11. Ebony says:

    It’s ON people


  12. zion says:

    Healing is needed across both sides of the aisles…@Mike Ramaglia on Conversations Of A Sistah

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  13. Cameo1 says:

    Good show but how are we to heal? When we been killed in the streets?


    • Mahogany says:

      Good point but I’m not sure Trump is gonna make it in, I really don’t think he want the job truthfully.


      • Kayla says:

        Good point but I’m not sure Trump is gonna make it in, I really don’t think he want the job truthfully.
        I agree


    • Kayla says:

      how are we to heal? When we been killed in the streets?
      Good point, a lot of us are still reeling over Trayvon Martin but I’m not sure how we get healing for any of it.


  14. Yvonne says:

    Mike want us to koobah-ya this shit, he was good but it’s just not that easy.


  15. Mahogany says:

    He was good and got right to the point.


  16. Ionna says:

    I was so glad Mike said Trump wasn’t his choice O_o he made that very clear and Trump was a corrupted choice for president


  17. Kayla says:

    Good show….I like this guy. really I do…..and I agree, healing is needed.

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  18. Bird says:

    I wish we could move on from this 😦 Good show thou


  19. Tamala says:

    Good show that caller said “we elected one snake although 2 snakes were running” 😆


  20. Miss Ang says:

    Best line of the night —-> “Healing is needed across both sides of the aisles”…@Mike Ramaglia on Conversations Of A Sistah


  21. Nicole says:

    Trace YOU ROCK!!!


  22. Ashanti says:

    “Make America Great Again, means put blacks back in their place.” 😡


  23. Mike R says:

    As always, I appreciate the opportunity Tracy L. Bell, thank you!


  24. 2Thick4you says:

    Tracy I’m sorry but Mike missed the Mark with me.

    How can we heal when he has the support from white nationalists and Neo Nazis?

    Why did Trump deem it necessary to hire Steve Bannon a known wife beating anti-Semite and alt-righter?

    Just the other day somebody was handing out KKK fliers on the campus of Mississippi State University.

    Sorry Mike but your head is stuck in the sand if you want to continue to live in denial about the racism that Trump’s candidacy has made acceptable not here!!!


    • Mike R says:

      I’m not really a beach guy. However, I do stand firmly against racism, hate and everything in between.

      So I’m not proud of either candidates behavior, it was and is troubling as they created a mess that we have to fix.

      I’m ready to work for that change, are you?


  25. CorporateBitch says:

    Name one black person that has been appointed to Trump’s cabinet.
    Playing music now waiting on answer and making a sandwich. Trump has been a 99% Democrat all of his life and turned into a 1% Republican until he ran for office. He kept his money and didn’t pay taxes during a Democratic presidency. He didn’t get rich when a Republican was in office. Suckers.


  26. Lexy says:

    Listening to the rewind now.


  27. Lexy says:

    Tra tryna sound all cute n shit 😛

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  28. Mrs says:

    Good show but racism and its role in this election. topic on point but so much more to be said

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  29. Mrs says:

    listening to Roland Martin LIVE….HE SPEAKING TRUTH!!


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