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Awkward moment sworn enemies Obama and President-elect Trump pose together in the Oval Office during first EVER meeting

article-3922932-3a3e5e3e00000578-580_964x526President Barack Obama welcomed his successor, Donald J. Trump, to the White House this morning extending an olive branch to a man he has blasted as unfit to serve.

Trump and the first lady in waiting, Melania Trump, departed from LaGuardia airport in New York at 9.36 a.m. on their way to Washington, DC, this morning on his personal aircraft, a Boeing 757, emblazoned with his name.

They arrived at Ronald Reagan National Airport just after 10.30 a.m. The future first couple entered the building via a back entrance through the South Lawn that is inaccessible to media. Today’s meeting lasted an hour and half.

President Elect Donald J. Trump sat looking poised, humble and in a state of shock as President Obama detailed their meeting in briefing the media. Trump admitted that he will need to call on President Obama for advisement and shared how the meeting could’ve lasted longer.

Trump described sitting President, Barack Obama as a ‘very good’ man when it was finished as a pack of reporters hurled questions, when President Obama said “No questions will be asked at this time”.

26 thoughts on “Awkward moment sworn enemies Obama and President-elect Trump pose together in the Oval Office during first EVER meeting”

    1. The White House is not President Obama’s “Little White House”
      If he isn’t impressed with the house, he shouldn’t have applied for the job.
      The White House is one of our country’s greatest monuments and is the official residence and work place for this nations Commander and Chief.


      1. The president-elect was probably not impressed with Obama’s little White House
        All them millions, floors and gold and it’s still tacky.


    1. I know that cry they talking about, the one wear snot is everywhere and you cant breathe. That’s a hurt that comes from deep in your soul.


      1. Oh wow Hilary was hurt. Really hurt, which means she was duped into believing she was better than Trump but Trump played the game well, Hilary just didn’t get the memo.


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