Black churches push ‘souls to the polls,’ while Latino voter turnout surges

churches7n-1-webWhile Black clergy in New York, New Jersey and around the country used the last Sunday before Election Day to move “souls to the polls,” Hispanic groups and Hispanic voters are rocking the vote and mobilizing voter turnout ahead of tomorrow’s presidential election.

Early voting data suggest black voter turnout will not be as high in this election contest between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump as it was four years ago, when the country voted to reelect President Obama, the nation’s first African-American President. The momentum is just not that strong, as Obama has stressed his own legacy is on the line  in his push for Hilary Clinton.

In the meantime, Hispanics and Latinos across the country are turning out in droves as a vengeance against Donald Trump, therefore they are resounding a message that  “It’s time to reject hatred, reject negativity, reject division with a resounding result on Tuesday.”


While the black vote appears to be on a downward swing this election, early tallies suggest a record turnout by Hispanics, who have voted at lower rates than whites and blacks in past elections. But not this year, Hispanics appear to be reacting to Trump’s staunch and anti-immigrant rhetoric.

Those Hispanic Clinton supporters stated: “It would not be a very bright future if Donald Trump was elected,” “I do not believe in the building of a wall between Mexico and the United States. . . . I believe in immigrants’ rights.”

Mayor de Blasio (pictured up top with his wife), stumped for Clinton at five predominantly black churches in Brooklyn yesterday, arguing turnout is crucial, even in a safely Democratic state like New York.

We have a leader poised to make that change if she has our support and if we give her a mandate — not just in the quote-unquote swing states, but here in New York as well,” he said at the Christian Cultural Center. “Anyone know anyone who may not vote? I’m asking you to change their minds.”

De Blasio said an overwhelming Clinton victory would help the nation “heal” from the havoc caused by Trump’s campaign.


60 thoughts on “Black churches push ‘souls to the polls,’ while Latino voter turnout surges

  1. OK…??..I think most of us can agree that not naan one of these two candidates are completely qualified..but going with the one that at least doesn’t glorify “rape” behavior sounds aight to me…
    do we really want national security in trumps hands ?? Really?


  2. It’s time for black folks to step outside of simply voting for the lesser of two evens. In this case, I feel like a good number of blacks will vote only to keep the republicans out. We’re not asking for anything as a community. We just want to make sure the republican doesn’t win.


    • Bird
      I dont mind a republican. I would take back both bushes over Trump. I don’t trust Trump period.


      • Similar to my sentiments, whether republican or democrat there are racists on both sides and those with prejudices and bias against black people and minorities in general. They do not care about black people, regardless of their race as well…it’s all about money…bottom line. If we want better, we must do it for ourselves…no one else is going to help, only continue to take what they can, while they can from black people…money.


  3. Tracy it’s all a game.
    But game or not, I will not be voting for HIllary Clinton. I don’t know why it wasn’t suggested to the masses to simply write in Bernie Sanders’ name. I really would’ve voted for him. Again, all a game, so I’ll write in someone’s name. Trump’s crazy and although I’m not of a democrat mindset, he has no concise plan beneficial or even helpful on my level and/or tax bracket.


      • You will need to check the procedure for your state. So, if you write Mr. Sanders or anyone else, the vote may not count.

        Some say those are wasted votes. I disagree. I say that if enough vote for the other candidates (and they do exist), it sends a strong message that we are clearly unhappy with the current political climate. Also, if they get enough support, the parties can get a guaranteed spot on future ballots.


  4. Hillary cares about her own interests as a woman not the interests of others, middle class, and definitely not poor women. Hillary is a classic elitist secret racist, upstate NY white liberal woman that doesn’t want black neighhbors not even wealthy ones. This election is a scalding hot mess. And she may not love Bill but she’s territorial and women will not be a welcome presence in her White House. O_o


  5. Thank you for mentioning the Latinos. She will have to cater to them in some form or fashion (immigration reform?) because they are massive in population. Whites know they are facing minority status in that they are soon to be outnumbered by Latinos. I know that’s why they’re running scared and thinking this “build a wall to keep them out” mentality will help them retain their position. It won’t. The Latinos were here first in the form of Native Americans.


  6. Trump and his supporters are in for a real surprise come tomorrow evening. The minority vote WILL NOT be suppressed and we are going to show up and VOTE for Hillary! I can’t support a bigot and racist like Trump. NOT NOW NOT EVER! #TEAMHILLARY


  7. Donald Trump is a racist bigot, the main difference between racist and bigot is that fact that racism discriminates on the basis of race, whereas a bigot discriminates on the basis of his personal beliefs.


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