To Vote or NOT to Vote w/Dr. Malik Shabazz on “Conversations Of A Sistah”


November 2, 2016 by The ReadyWriter

donald-trump-hillary-clinton-550x317Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are in a dead heat with just six days left until a major general election, according to a new poll. The candidates are tied, each with 46% of the likely voters, according to the latest ABC News/Washington Post, released Wednesday. Yet neither candidate are discussing real issues, instead they are on the attack criticizing each other; Clinton on Trumps disregard for women and Trump regarding Clinton’s emails and Bill’s indiscretions. The attacks are on each others characters, while some voters are reluctant in casting their vote for either candidate…deciding instead NOT TO VOTE AT ALL !!

All this and other issues – such as Clinton’s use of a private email system in defiance of government rules while she was secretary of state, and Trump’s obsession with responding to slights and criticism – have caused the character of both Clinton and Trump to be called into question day after day.

So in the midst of this public circus, with most American voters turned off by both candidates not focusing on real issues, the question most Americans are struggling with is; “To Vote or NOT to Vote?”


Dr. Malik Z. Shabazz

Tune in tonight at 6:30 p.m. EST on “Conversations Of A Sistah” on blog talk radio, with my special guest Dr. Malik Z. Shabazz regarding voter suppression, the negativity surrounding this election and does the black vote really count?

The “conversation link” in this post make it possible to access the show!

Hope to see you on the air!

24 thoughts on “To Vote or NOT to Vote w/Dr. Malik Shabazz on “Conversations Of A Sistah”

  1. Acquitta says:

    We can’t afford NOT to vote Tra…..our choices SUCK it’s true but I’d rather have Hillary than Trump 😡


  2. Acquitta says:

    Good mawnin


  3. Bobby says:

    Yeah Trump telling people to change their early vote. Y’all better recognize.


  4. Miss Ang says:

    I’m not all with everything Hillary does. Some of it is truly awful. But Hillary Clinton is an attorney, a woman of Law and (was) the First Lady of the United States….So.


    • Nicole says:

      Hillary Clinton is an attorney but not a woman of Law and she does not have a stellar record, image, and upstanding family background.

      Hillary Clinton is not on par to the esteemed Michelle Obama.


  5. Gia says:

    I will be glad when this election is over this is exhausting.


  6. Bird says:

    The most exhausting election ever I tell ya. All of people hometraining is out the door.


  7. Lexy says:

    Hillary don’t like black people. she’s just pretending she does. ion see no black people on her staff.


  8. Yvonne says:

    It’s like Trump and Clinton are untouchable. Only the people around them suffer the consequences of their actions.


    • Adriane says:

      Same thing with Fat ass Chris Christie, everyone close to him was indicted for the Bridgegate scandal yet he claims to have had no prior knowledge about anything. Even with proof of his involvement, he is still never charged in the indictment. Sickening!


      • Coco says:

        It’s not over with. The investigation is ongoing. -easier to close the gap and make the connection once you first nail the people around the big kahuna.


  9. Adriane says:

    I’m tuning in and there is no doubt I will be voting in this election.


  10. Coco says:

    Dr. Shabazz is one sharp ass attorney. I njoyed hearing him the last time he was on the show.


  11. xmen says:

    Can’t wait for this election to be OVA Trace


  12. Miss Ang says:

    He was a no show last night but the caller was interesting none-the-less.


  13. CorporateBitch says:

    I’m not voting for neither candidate. I don’t care who gets elected. How could the conditions get any worse for Africans in this country? I will not be scared into voting. No matter the outcome we as a collective are still treated inhumane and as second class citizens.


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