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Hillary Clinton’s other shoe dropped, literally, at a 9/11 memorial event in New York City on Sunday and was left on the curb.

Clinton, 69, abruptly left the September 11th Commemoration Ceremony because she was reportedly “overheated” in 82-degree weather in New York City.

Clinton rushed out of the event without informing her Secret Service agents to have her van waiting for her outside.

The Secret Service broke protocol by not having the van already there — an embarrassing humiliation for the agents.

As Clinton stood on the curb waiting, her body stiffened and she stumbled.

A Secret Service agent and 2 women — one of them her doctor Lisa R. Bardack — grabbed her and propped her up.

A second Secret Service agent observed Clinton with a worrisome look on his face.

As the first agent stepped away from her side, he broke protocol again, to open the van door.


The other agent half dragged, half carried Mrs. Clinton into the van. By now she was dead weight. A bystander’s video footage captured the pitiful scene as her feet dragged off the curb.

As the agents loaded Clinton into the van she lost one of her shoes.

Until Sunday they’d been successful in pulling the wool over the media’s eyes. Clinton’s severe coughing and choking fit last week was attributed to “allergies”.

Clinton suffered a brain injury after she fell in 2012 and developed blood clots on her brain.

Washington insiders say she has Parkinson’s disease. The coughing fits are symptoms of a disorder called Dysphagia, or difficulty swallowing. The condition causes patients to accidentally aspirate their saliva.

In one of the 20,000 emails leaked by WikiLeaks, a Clinton staffer advises her about Provigil, an experimental medication used by the military to relieve Parkinson’s symptoms.

Finally on Sunday afternoon, Clinton’s doctor announced that Clinton was diagnosed with pneumonia… on Friday.

Miraculously, 90 minutes after her seizure episode, Clinton emerged from her daughter’s apartment smiling and waving, as if nothing was wrong.

This is expected of someone who had recently suffered a seizure — not someone who was diagnosed with pneumonia, and 90 minutes earlier had to be carried to her van and lost a shoe.

The media, republican insiders and the internet are all abuzz that, Hilary Clinton is not fit to be president.

What do y’all think?


  1. Hillary should have gotten a fake doctor from Trump’s doctor that kept him out of wars and the other recent note that said he was the fittest President ever.


  2. They had to throw some illness out there that somewhat matched the symptoms she’s displayed to shut people up. The fact that they rebutted so quickly w/pneumonia right after she was seen being dragged into a van tells me it’s a lie. The public has speculated about her bad health for years.


  3. Yes lack of votes is what’s gonna hurt us. I don’t like Hillary, but I’ll be darned if I don’t get out and vote againt Trump.


  4. After watching that video, she all stiff and shit and bobbing like Bernie (Weekend at Bernie’s) I must agree she can’t be in the best of health.


    1. Yup Adam I agree.
      Anybody who sees the video can see it doesn’t look good. Even if she gets elected, I cant see her serving 8 years in office. I think she’ll step down after 4 years and let Tim Kaine step up in 2020 to become president.


      1. Not a good look for Hilary but she is probably just worn out. she needs to take it easy. at her age a vigorous schedule is not easy.


  5. This is not alarming to me. She’s 69, been traveling non stop for the last year and a half, has a packed schedule, probably sleep deprived, probably not eating right, etc. Take all of that into consideration and tell me you’re not about to faint.


  6. Even if she wins, the presidency is a role that is played out in public now she cant hide her health problems like Roosevelt and Kennedy did. We can’t send her to the G12 summit and have this. She needs to end this charade


  7. She needs to start campaigning with her running mate, at the rate she going it’s impossible to convince the public she is healthy. At least the public will be convinced he can step up to the role of president if need be.


  8. Like i said before, this is why we have vice presidents. I say let Hillary die in office and let her vp take over. It’s a win win for everyone!


  9. Hillary Clinton was diagnosed with walking pneumonia on Friday, had a national security meeting, a press conference and gave a speech all in the same day. She has been taking antibiotics since Friday and according to her doctor she will make a full recovery.

    Most women can relate because we are the ones that usually keep on going no matter what the circumstances.
    IMO, Hillary Clinton is definitely the bad azz.
    donald trump on the other hand has been ill for at least 3o years and there is no cure for what ails him. (NARCISSISM, MISOGYNY, RACISM etc. )


  10. donald trump on the other hand has been ill for at least 3o years and there is no cure for what ails him. (NARCISSISM, MISOGYNY, RACISM etc. )


  11. Still does not make me want to vote for trump.👀🙄. I knew this would be a story when I heard about it last night. Somehow I knew her actual diagnosis would not make it in.😶


  12. She’s actually getting worse. Her medical episodes are weekly now. She can’t hide from the public any longer. Either Hillary drops out of the race or Trump is your new president.


      1. Not so fast.

        “Should Mrs Clinton drop out of the race, the DNC would hold a special meeting to vote for a successor. Party rules indicate that a new nominee would be elected by a simple majority vote.

        Many states offer early voting, with residents of Minnesota and South Dakota able to hand in their ballots as early as September 23.

        A replacement would need to be added to the ticket before ballots are sent out, as in some states only votes for candidates printed on the slip can be counted.”


  13. So y’all would rather vote for a brain injured candidate who has to be carried everywhere? A candidate who called black men “predators”; a candidate whose husband helped put thousands of black men behind bars? Pathetic.


  14. Poor Hilary she waited 8 years for this and now she may not be able or well enough to walk in what she’s dreamed of becoming/having. That’s so unfortunate.


  15. Trump has an enormous amount of supporters. He will win regardless of Hillary’s health issues. Which continue to get worse. I really don’t think she fainted I think her legs just weren’t working totally different than fainting.


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