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Ferguson Black Lives Matter Activist Darren Seals Executed

darren-seals-550x436A prominent Black Lives Matter activist who led the protests in Ferguson, MO. was shot and killed early Tuesday.

Police found the body of 29-year-old Darren Seals in a burned out car near St. Louis.

He was shot to death before the car was torched in a parking lot along the Mississippi River in a northern St. Louis suburb.

Aralyn Jones told KMOV-TV she woke up around 2 a.m. and saw the car fully engulfed in flames after hearing a “big, big boom”.

Police believe the vehicle was set on fire around 1:50 a.m. Tuesday.

Seals was a key leader in the protests over the wrongful police shooting of teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson on August 9, 2014.

Seals’ grandmother, Ether Seals, remembered him as a “smart kid”.

“I’m just numb,” she told the NY Daily News.

“I didn’t realize how smart he was until all those things happened in Ferguson where he was living,” she said.

Seals lived just blocks away from where 18-year-old Brown was fatally shot by former Ferguson cop Darren Wilson. Brown had refused Wilson’s orders to get out of the street.

In a 2014 interview Seals said he watched as Brown’s body lay in the street for hours.

“It wasn’t even a protest yet… It was a black boy being shot in the community,” said Seals of his actions that helped inspire the Black Lives Matter activist movement.

“I’m very proud of him,” Ether Seals said.

“I didn’t realize how much he’d been doing until people started calling today. I’m going to miss him so much,” she added.

69 thoughts on “Ferguson Black Lives Matter Activist Darren Seals Executed”

  1. Another article I read quoted someone saying how “curious” it is that Seals and Joshua died in the same way. With the headline in the Daily News saying St Louis cops eye a link between the two. Hmmm…I’d personally start my investigation oh say in the Ferguson police dept…with “known Neo Nazi cells? Just sayin’


    1. I was just about to type the same thing. When I first heard about this I thought what gang member is going to kill this dude? I don’t think sooo I would think they already know this guy and what he is about. Smh


  2. Just because we may not all have a BLM sign up many of us are aware of their tactics! Its a shame that 2016 has pushed us back to 1956 and most don’t even realize it!


    1. Kee
      Mississippi don’t give a fuq about what the rest of the country is doing…the confederate flag is in front of schools, banks, stores…so I do believe that..


  3. This was a hit, they’ve been after this young man for awhile now. Making threats, pulling him and his family over. Check out his FB page, Twitter, Etc. The story unfolds right in front of our eyes, these cowards murdered this man to keep him quiet. smh damn!


  4. Terrible. Shooting us hasn’t worked to keep us silent, now they have gone back to killing us under suspicious circumstances.


  5. Darren Seals was a Ferguson Activist fighting for Black Rights. He was not associated with BLM as he openly expressed his feelings towards its leaders calling them opportunistic. He is not a BLM activist


      1. Ok true dat. I thought cops would’ve at least cleaned up the evidence better but *shrug* either way its disgusting and downright awful this man had to lose his life


  6. Mississippi River, I know this area well..wouldn’t be surprised if this investigation stalls…u can throw a rock in either direction and hit a racist with a itch to “Lynch a n****er”


  7. Darren Seals, 29, a prominent Ferguson activist, was found shot to death inside a torched car early Tuesday — the exact same way another young black man, DeAndre Joshua, was killed in 2014 the night a St. Louis grand jury decided not to indict the Ferguson police officer who killed Michael Brown. Joshua’s partially burned body was found inside his charred white Pontiac Grand Prix near the Canfield Green Apartments, the complex where Michael Brown was fatally shot by Ferguson police. The St. Louis native had a single gunshot wound to his head.Social media users were quick to make the connection between the two executions in a city that has stood at the epicenter of nationwide tensions between the black community and police.

    RIP Brother.


  8. Wow. Just wow. Had no clue about DeAndre Joshua. My suspicion came into play with the BLM activist that supposedly committed suicide, and then this young man was killed and body set on fire.


    1. Yeah Natasha I can put money on it, if a cop didn’t do it they know who did and approved this killing..Mississippi is still backwoods kkk stomping grounds…I got family there..


  9. The only way to silence us, is to kill us!!! Outraged at the total disregard of how long this has been going with no actions being taken. He is the second activist to die in this manner within the past year. This cannot continue, our lives matter. We have the right to speak out, we have the right to stand up, we have the right to protest, simple we have the right to do all of these things without being executed!! Rest in power King Seal 😦


  10. White people have been setting cars, churches, houses etc on fire with black people in them for decades. They’re so damn lazy & predictable their motive never changes. I know white folks did this. They are responsible in some way for this mans death.


      1. exactly…if it was a random azz gang/drug hit why the overkill?? they showed their hand….mayaswell just leave a damn confederate flag on the ground at the scene of the crime.


  11. BLM is so misunderstood. And what gets me is because they are fighting for rights white folks calling them a hate group. This is the 2nd young man killed in the same manner. Cop/klan related. smdh


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