This is a HOT mess!


September 5, 2016 by The ReadyWriter

Wife and mistress both show up at the hospital and try to visit the same man and ultimately causes all hell to break loose. In the video the wife is seen holding onto a chunk of the other woman’s hair.

Women kill me attacking the other woman when it’s their husbands who breach the commitment in the marriage. She (the wife), should’ve jumped on her husband, not his mistress.


14 thoughts on “This is a HOT mess!

  1. Yvonne says:

    This makes absolutely no sense. He’s calling HIS WIFE stupid when it’s he who showed no integrity in their marriage. You right Tra she should’ve whooped his ass!!


  2. Miss Ang says:

    He had no right to call her stupid. — Period. It’s hard to keep your cool when you walk in on your spouse cheating on you. This happened to me in a public place as well, but I did not fight her. I gathered my things, and left him. Marriage doesn’t mean you own your spouse. Ladies, no man is worth losing your dignity over. And, for all you ladies who think it’s ok you’re sadly mistaken.


  3. Miss Ang says:

    This is a hot mess 😡


  4. Zion says:

    wow this is absolutely crazy O_o


  5. Angelhair says:

    How is the wife being stupid? He and his fat bitch needed a beat down!


  6. QTip says:

    She’s being stupid by taking it out on the other woman and not her husband, and she’s being stupid by entertaining any of the fuckery and staying married to him. HE needs the beatdown. If it wasn’t that female, it would be another, and there probably is another or others. That woman made no commitment to her, he did. smdh


  7. QTip says:

    Trace I ain’t feeling this new layout. Get rid of it.


  8. Nicole says:

    Sad 😥 2 women fighting over a damn man. Smh


  9. Acquitta says:

    People don’t understand MOST times when a woman puts her hands on the other woman it’s because she knows that the other woman knew about her and they prolly spoke about her leaving her husband.


  10. bobby says:

    husband has a loyalty to his wife and he will be delt with accordingly if that were me.


  11. Angelhair says:

    some black women are a hot mess. period!


  12. Manup says:

    If the mistress went to the hospital, it is because HER husband made her feel comfortable enough to show up


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