WNBA Star, Brittney Griner Did Not Have a Happy Father’s Day


June 21, 2016 by The ReadyWriter

brittney-griner-550x744WNBA star Brittney Griner took offense at her Twitter followers wishing her a Happy Father’s Day.

Thanks to President Obama’s gay agenda, Griner pays her ex-wife child support for twin girls she couldn’t possibly sire in this or any lifetime.

Griner’s Twitter followers taunted the 6′ 8″ Phoenix Mercury center for making a mockery of traditional marriage by divorcing her “wife” after just 28 days of marriage.

It’s funny how butch lesbians only want to be men when it’s convenient and it brings them the attention they so desperately crave.

41 thoughts on “WNBA Star, Brittney Griner Did Not Have a Happy Father’s Day

  1. Bobby says:

    That’s a big heffa..And about the other “stuff”, who really cares?..


  2. Katman says:

    that tweet (by Loren) was funny as heck!!


  3. Keisha says:

    🐳she’s not a dad, she’s a mom. 😩


  4. Bird says:

    Leave it to trolls to clown you on Twitter . That’s all I have for this post. Next!!!


  5. Bird says:

    Leave it to them fools to clown her on twitter 😆


  6. Xmen says:

    Yeah she’s been trying to be that dude for a long time. what changed Now?…this is too funny…. 😆


  7. Xmen says:

    When lesbian antics go wrong 😆 LMMFAO!!!


  8. Xmen says:

    whaddup peeps


  9. Ashanti says:

    oh…now she claiming to be she and not a he at this time….Boy Bye….


  10. Al says:

    U can’t cut off being a man. You either IS or you ain’t 😆


  11. Gia says:

    She is a very confused young woman. And another woman took advantage of her confusion for financial gain. Smh


    • Daisy says:

      She is a very confused young woman
      Yup and because she has an identity crisis and can’t make sense of who she is and her choices. She was delusional when she posed for that “father to be” photo with her hands on the Glory woman’s belly. But she wants the delusion disregarded when she is treated like a father. She’s right she is not a father and she is not a man she is a very confused young woman.


  12. Civil says:

    In her marriage/ relationship, she wasn’t carrying the baby, so in this thinking she is the dad..awwww man, so now she doesn’t want to be called dad. O_o smh….talk about having it both ways. Lol


  13. Daisy says:

    @brittneygriner you are a stud. You are black. You pay child support. Happy Father’s Day ma’am
    😆 too freakin funny


  14. Val says:

    Brittany looks more feminine in that photo than anything. I guess she finally learned that being a male in her head is overrated and delusional.


  15. Omar says:

    *in my Maury Povich voice*

    You said “tell your own dad’s HFD cuz I’m not one……”
    The courts and lie detector test determined…..THAT WAS A LIE! YOU Are THE pappi !!!!


  16. SlickRick says:

    This heffa confused O_o don’t know if she want da dick or da pussy.
    Don’t know if she wanna be da daddy or da mama ….Wow


  17. Tamala says:

    Freaking hilarious!


  18. Yasha says:

    At least she is paying child support unlike a lot of deadbeat daddies out there. She may not be active in the child’s life, but those WNBA checks still get cashed! Happy belated father’s day Brit Brit!


  19. Adam says:

    This dudechick? Hell I’m confused. O_o


  20. Billy says:

    She wanted to be a daddy til the child support hit.


  21. Cameo says:

    “Happy Father’s Day ma’am.” 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆

    That shit is a hellva larious!!


  22. Zenna says:

    she’s definitely confused. But she deserved to be clowned on twitter. can’t wanna be a dad one day and ds-associate yourself the next. smh


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