Was Chris Rock a “Hit or Miss” as host of the Oscars last night?


February 29, 2016 by The ReadyWriter

390-kingoscars-0228I woke up this morning to conflicting reports on Chris Rock’s hosting last night of the controversial Oscars, aside from what I heard on the news this morning.

I never watched the Oscars however, most of my friends and thousands of black families across the country opted to not even do that much and boycotted the event altogether. Simply because not a single African American was nominated for one category this year.

With a voting pool that is overwhelmingly white, overwhelmingly male, and overwhelming old, 2016 turned out to be one of the whitest years in recent history for the Academy Awards.

I saw that before Chris even said a word, he walked out to Public Enemy’s song “Fight The Power” so the audience knew then he was going to tackle racism. But some people in the media and on Facebook thought Chris was a bit much on the topic stating:

“Much of what Rock said was distasteful, uncomfortable, and just plain wrong.”

But continuing down the road that the Oscars have been snubbing black folk for years, Rock said that the only reason they didn’t protest in 1962 or 1963 was because “we had real things to protest at the time.”

One writer said Chris mentioned something about “when your grandmother is hanging from a tree” and the audience laughed, when that was the deepest, darkest pain of any other group of people being used as a prime-time punch line.

All in all, my friends and most of the online critics who watched Rock’s opening monologue agreed that Rock missed the opportunity to school his white audience on the fact of the matter which is; more African Americans were killed by police in 2015 than in ANY of the previous 88 years of the Oscars. Instead of Rock downplayed the size and scope on the injustices we face today.

So again my question to you is:: Was Chris Rock a “Hit or Miss” as host of the Oscars last night? What’s your opinion? I’d like to know.


66 thoughts on “Was Chris Rock a “Hit or Miss” as host of the Oscars last night?

  1. PrincessC says:

    I didn’t watch it Tra I’m like you I only know what I heard on the news this morning.


  2. Adam says:

    Chris did his thing Trace but I agree there were so many issues he could have touched on while making his point about the Oscar being all white. I wouldn’t agree that he was a HIT but he could’ve missed me on some of his bullshit.


  3. Adam says:

    Morning Ms. Tracy L. Bell 🙂 xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo


  4. AlScream says:

    didn’t watch sorry Trace


    • BBallen says:

      Ion think she asked for an apology. it ain’t that serious. you didn’t watch it so fuck it. hail I didn’t watch that shit either. like every other black folk, I caught the snit bit about it on the news. Smh


  5. BillyBoy says:

    I ain’t watch the racist Oscars. no sir sure did NOT!!


  6. Xmen says:

    Chris Rock delivered and yeah he could of touched on more black issues but failed too. so it is what it is.


  7. Acquitta says:

    Tracy IMO Chris Rock killed it.
    I thought he brought humor to an already heated situation. either way he was in the hot seat.


    • Keisha says:

      Yes but he said some really OUT THE WAY shit!!! Especially when he talked about all black people being shot inside their program packages this year. Smh that was distasteful. 😡


  8. BBallen says:

    One thing Chris said that I agree with………Had he BOYCOTTED the Oscars and NOT HOSTED. They would’ve called the token nigga Kevin Hart to take his place. Yes they would have.


  9. Lexy says:

    After watching 12 years a slave on BET the night b4, HELL NO I didn’t watch the white people’s choice awards on Sunday. FOH


  10. Miss Ang says:

    Chris Rock was a bit over the top. He took shots at Will and Jada too. I thought he killed it!!! Especially when he came out to “FIGHT THE POWER”


  11. Keisha says:

    He dissed Jada big time. Saying her ass wasn’t invited in the 1st place!!


  12. Yvonne says:

    Hollywood is racist. period!
    And NO I didn’t watch!!!


  13. Omar says:

    I was glad when he went in on Kevin Hart’s puppet ass. Can’t stand him. Katt Williams said white society think he’s the best thing FUNNY in comedy right now. O_o


  14. Bobby says:

    Yup Tracy I watched and thought Chris Rock brought humor to an already heated situation and he did a good job doing so. I like when he kept saying “WE’RE BLACK INSTEAD OF WE’RE BACK!!!” 😛


  15. Bobby says:



  16. Tamala says:

    Not everyone was impressed with Chris Rock opening monologue on the Oscars last night. NY Post published pictures of him as a lawn jockey. 😆


  17. Olivijah says:

    A lot of Chris Rock’s jokes made white people in that audience feel really uneasy. You could see it in their faces. Especially Sylvester Stallone, when he mentioned a black Rocky.


  18. Henrietta says:

    Tracy boycott or not, I wasn’t watching it either way.


  19. Civil says:

    Chris Rock did great! People pick apart every damn thing. Like he said “It’s always the broke niggas with no jobs telling you to boycott shit!!!”


  20. Daisy says:

    Yeah Um NO….I wanted Chris Rock to do well but still didn’t support the show. Nope didn’t watch. SMH NO!!!


  21. Mrs. says:

    No Tracy I BOYCOTTED the Oscars. 🙂 But Chris Rock is being talked about on almost all the black radio stations. People really have their opinion on how he handled the issue.


  22. Nicole says:

    Well for those who didn’t watch, he brought out Stacey Dash as a Black History ambassador and that was so awkward and flat. I like Chris Rock, and wanted him to do well, but I could not support this show.


    • Ashanti says:

      I heard about him bringing her out. I didn’t watch. But the thing is, his jokes probably would have been funny/uneasy……IF everybody got the “joke”. And I think most of them didn’t get that joke.


      • CDawg says:

        Oh they got the joke @Nicole……that was an uneasy laugh I’m sure. The one you make when you are trying to deflect the seriousness of a situation. And I think the whole situation is NO laughing matter, I don’t care which way Chris Rock tried to spin it.


  23. Ashanti says:

    Didn’t support the Oscars. O_o


  24. CDawg says:

    Nah Trace I didn’t buy into the hype and watch the Oscars. Chris Rock is the Typical house negro


  25. AppleBottom says:

    Chris had them cringing in their seats and I loved it. I only watched the monologue and turned back to the Martin reruns. I wonder if Nielsen ratings has a list of the number of people who only tuned into the first ten minutes….. 😆


  26. Bird says:

    Ms. Tracy L. Bell, I only watched a little snippet on Facebook this morning.. Watching the camera pan to their faces was hilarious.. I wouldn’t say Rock is an uncle Tom, he just speaks his mind. Either way I didn’t and WASN’T gonna watch it.


  27. Lisa says:

    Never cared for the Oscars and I still don’t. His monologue did make a lot of people uncomfortable and for that I say bravo.


  28. Gia says:

    I personally think a lot of white ppl felt uncomfortable with Chris Rock and his jokes…..I didn’t watch it, just saw clips & I felt a little uneasy cause the crowd was so quiet & he wasn’t holding back, he was really beating the horse.


  29. DANNY says:



  30. Kayla says:

    He dogged black people out. I personally didn’t like Chris Rock’s monologue. He also threw Wanda Sykes under the bus.


  31. Ionna says:

    Didn’t watch.


  32. Felicia says:

    Didn’t support or watch the Oscars.


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