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Vocal Powerhouse Terrell “T-REX” Simon on “Conversations Of A Sistah”

712685_IYG66mnwHe started delivering soul stirring music at the tender age of six, when he discovered his gift singing in the church. He got his professional start in New York City while performing with a traveling choir throughout the region.

In 2003, his connections led him to platinum-selling singer-songwriter/producer Lyfe Jennings, who took him on the road with his act. This gave T-Rex Simon (pictured above), the exposure of touring with major artists such as John Legend, Beyonce, Anthony Hamilton, and Musiq SoulChild.

As a huge fan of Dave Hollister, coming up T-Rex adopted a similar sound, patterning his voice after the vocal sensation, and later touring with him as a backup singer. His TV appearances include Jimmy Kimmel, Good Morning America, David Letterman, Jay Leno, 106 & Park, and The Monique show, among others.

His music is available on every digital platform including Spotify, Pandora, iTunes, iHeart Radio, XM Satellite, and SoundCloud, with hard copy CDs available on

Tune in “LIVE” tonight on “Conversations Of A Sistah” at 6:30 p.m. EST via blog talk radio as we catch up with T-Rex to discuss his new single “In His Image”.

All “Conversation Links” in this post make it possible to access the show.

30 thoughts on “Vocal Powerhouse Terrell “T-REX” Simon on “Conversations Of A Sistah””

      1. Hey ladies. good show, did you hear it? I heard the rewind. Now I wanna get his single. see what the hype is all about.


      1. it me or was Tracy flirting with this dude?
        Tracy’s good at this so you gotta know her style and how she can be herself while allowing her guest to do the same and T-REX was extremely “at home” in his conversation with her. That’s all. But she did make it a point in letting him know how she wants to see him at SOB’s 😛


  1. I LOVED him. Mr. Terrell “TREX” Simon he was really into his conversation with blog queen aka Ms. Bell…..awesome guest. Now I wanna hear “In His Image” I loved how he explained that.


  2. Good show all in all. I think it’s smart that after managing, back singing and doing his thing for other artist he’s stepped out in the forefront to do some things for himself. and now he’s budding and building on his own name. Not only that but he did not want Tracy to LIKE-N him to Kurt Franklin.


    1. Speaking of Kurt Franklin. you seen him lately? He look like something’s wrong with him. He did a Black History commercial for BET and was all dark around the eyes. He’s not looking good at all. Smh


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