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After The Panthers Lost, The Super Bowl was renamed the Beyoncé Bowl

Beyonce was the clear winner of Super Bowl 50. Cam Newton and his Carolina Panthers were the odds on favorites to win the Super Bowl, but they couldn’t overcome the Bronco’s fierce defense.

Then there was Beyoncé.

The Panthers lost that game to the New England Patriots.

The writing was on the wall when Beyonce performed during halftime of Super Bowl 50. The Panthers were down by 6 points going into the half. All they needed was one touchdown in the 3rd quarter to give their team momentum.

Once again, the Creole singer broke the Internet by announcing her Formation Tour during halftime.

The Panthers didn’t stand a chance after that.

More people on social media were talking about Beyonce’s tour than Cam Newton or the Panthers.

By the 4th quarter, the Super Bowl was renamed the Beyonce Bowl.

The only highlight of the game came when Beyonce almost fell while performing a complicated choreography routine.

That would have been the third time Beyonce broke the Internet in 2 days.

64 thoughts on “After The Panthers Lost, The Super Bowl was renamed the Beyoncé Bowl”

    1. Beyoncé is getting too old for them deep squats in a dance
      Maybe but she still pulled it off. She’s another Tina Turner


      1. cosign!!!!!!! I was flat ironing my hair, til I heard Bruno come on. Went back and finished, as soon as I saw Beyonce about to start. LMAO


      2. Bruno can dance , he is a true artist . She has the same dance routine , I know when she’s gonna bend over , turn and fan the weave , it’s tired.


  1. Bruno did that thing….they jammed that song and those dance moves were on point. I hadn’t heard that song ms. b did so her performance wasn’t all that to me. Cold Play could have stayed at home.


      1. Apparently, some white people are angry with Beyonce for upstaging Coldplay. However, when a white local sports reporter was asked what he thought of the halftime show, he said, “all I saw was Beyonce’s thighs.” 😆


  2. Queen Bey man, Beyonce is something else, so amazing and stunning. She also announced her tour, looking forward to that, my daughter is going to be ecstatic as well. Shout out to Coldplay and Bruno, we’ll done.


  3. Beyoncé just announced her world tour folk going crazy trying to get their money 2gether to go see that coochie jirading heifer 😆


  4. Coldplay was everything ! They made that show .
    Lil Bruno is a pimp , B is so overrated .
    I don’t know why Americans glorify ass shaking more than art .


    1. I will say that I admire Beyonce’s work ethic, but beyond that, I’m not a fan.
      Yeah I’m feeling her. Def a fan/admirer


  5. I am glad Beyawnce dealt with police brutality. But I think the social message got lost in the juvenile and petty lyrics of the Formation song.

    Hey she is light skinned with blonde hair so all she has to do is keep popping that coochie and folks will continue to pay $200 plus for her concert tickets.

    No thanks. Next!


      1. Right. No one owns a stage like Bey, i’m telling you. Unless it’s Michael, Janet, or Tina Turner…these four >>>> everyone else.


  6. If Beyoncé ass would a fell on her ass, she would’ve fired her entire dance squad the next day and lawd knows she needs another choreographer.


  7. I thought beyonce did absolutely great. It amazes me how people hate but could never get on stage and look as good and dance as great as she did. Yes she almost fell but she played it off so graciously. I’m no B fan but give her credit when credit is due


    1. Agreed. I’m so not here for B’s music but I acknowledge her greatness. I have no desire to buy her music but I’d camp out for her concert tickets. Sorta like MC Hammer.


  8. I am NO Beyoncé stan but she SLAYED last night. And did not fall and was still in step! If nothing else, she puts on a damn good show!


  9. I wanted Carolina to win but the Broncos just played better. Beyonce stole the show. Bruno Mars performed his ass off. Cold Play was ok. I liked that they did Vida La Vida….


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