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Patti LaBelle, 71, Dating Her Drummer, 41

couple-550x360R&B legend Patti LaBelle is living a life straight out of American Gigolo, the 1980 film about an emotionally unavailable high priced male escort.

The 71-year-young songstress, who revived her career selling sweet potato pies for Wal-Mart, is dating her drummer, 41-year-old Eric Seats.

The couple met after he was hired to be her drummer last year.

“She tried to keep it quiet, but everyone around her has figured it out by now. She’s completely smitten with him,” a source told London’s Daily Mail tabloid.

LaBelle’s 42-year-old son, Zuri Edwards, is reportedly unhappy that his mother is dating a man younger than he is.

Seats is known around the music industry for targeting rich older women. He reportedly loves them then leaves them. But Patti’s friends aren’t concerned that Seats might be an American gigolo.

“She hasn’t been this happy in years,” a source confided to the Daily Mail. “Patti was so happy he moved to Philly with her. She loves having him with her all the time. She even has a big portrait of the two of them up on her wall in her bedroom,” said the source.

Seats has toured with Stevie Wonder, Mary J Blige and Missy Elliott, in addition to producing songs for Destiny’s Child, Aaliyah, 702 and Tank.


61 thoughts on “Patti LaBelle, 71, Dating Her Drummer, 41”

  1. I pray he doesn’t try and manipulate her for her coins. Patti I’m glad for you and all but……..don’t ever trust a dude with a kit.


  2. Eric looks like he’s having several “Seats” on other menses. He does NOT want Patti’s pies. I’m sorry, but this is about to be “Terry McMillan” senior edition.


    1. He can’t take what she wont give and her feeling of happiness may be worth whatever he costs. She is 71. All she needs is respect, time and some goodies if she wants it. Patti is not naive.


      1. Good Afternoon My Peep & Peepetts,

        Listen if Patti wants to give out her recipe to someone almost 40 yrs her Jr, then good for her.


  3. This reminds me of the Jamie Foxx show when his mom dated someone in her band that was Jamie’s age. I pray that he has good intentions but i can only see opportunity with this 30 yr gap. Let’s just pray Patti is the one getting over.


  4. He has to be a good dude to catch her attention. Patti is a class act. even though I did hear the dude she was with before him was a lot younger also. Plus broke her heart. Patti is a lady in the streets and a freak in the sheets.


    1. Kayla,
      She was married to the father of her sons. They were married like 30+ years or something. Since the 60s. I was surprised when I read they divorced after all that time.


  5. “She hasn’t seemed this happy in years,” a source confided to the Daily Mail. “Patti was so happy he moved to Philly with her. She loves having him with her all the time………..Get It Ms. Patti………


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