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Since Some Of My Readers Just Need To Know!

Some of you are anxious to know where I’ve been dining on my down time, like any good blogger I’m compelled to tell.

I had dinner recently at Travinia’s Italian Kitchen and Wine Bar. The food was exceptional and the service impeccable.

The menu variety was huge however I opted for the Orzo spinach salad with shrimp (close to what’s shown above). The ambiance was comfortable and romantic, with it’s soft music and candle lit dinner tables. The scene was alive, the cost was average and well worth the experience.

Then on yesterday, I dined out at “Cracker Barrel” restaurant, where almost everything on the menu was “Fat, Fat and more Fat!”

It was off the hook on gravies and high in cholesterol count. I felt fat from reading the menu alone. 

Although this restaurant is big on breakfast, I was there with friends for a late lunch/early dinner. 

My choice for a meal was, fried shrimp, mixed vegetables, a mixed green salad and French fries. The food was good but would I eat here again? Probably not.


Ok guys catch you later got eat the breakfast my brother made me. Grits, eggs and cinnamon toast. He can keep the “Jimmy Dean” maple country sausage. Ugh! 

51 thoughts on “Since Some Of My Readers Just Need To Know!”

      1. Y’all have a Happy New Year.
        2016 bought to come in, this is Barrack’s last year in office.
        Jesus ha mercy!


      2. Yvonne, U know damn well Trace aint even in the tristate area. follow those links they tell you the location somewhat.


      3. Anybody in the Miami area tonight.? Let’s hang
        Miami? WTF? You’s a looong ways from NY to be talkin bout let’s hang.


  1. I’m one of the nosey ones. I love Tra’s food post. 🙂 Lawd knows I wanted to know what and where she’s eating. Heck her shows off the air for another 2-3 weeks.


    1. So am I Miss Ang….So am I. I like/love her food post. Hell when I was down south last year I referred to this blog for foody ideas. 🙂 don’t you know? LOL!


  2. That 1st restaurant is Italian, Cracker Barrel that’s a southern chain, yea Trace I can tell somebody in ya crew wanted to eat there cause that woulda never been your choice. And that breakfast, ya brother hooked you up.


    1. Trace damn this food post, NO DISRESPECT!!!
      But Bill Cosby was set up, we ain’t got time for this trivial shit!
      LMMFAO!! DAYUM!!


    2. Trace damn this food post, NO DISRESPECT!!!
      But Bill Cosby was set up, we ain’t got time for this trivial shit!
      And Fuck Cosby I like the food


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