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Should Guns Be Allowed in the church? On Tonight’s Conversations Of A Sistah


This post is late and I apologize.

Tonight’s show topic: Should Guns be allowed in the Church? On the next “Conversations Of A Sistah”

Should church goers be packing a pistol with their prayers? Join the Conversations Of A Sistah​ this Wednesday and follow the link in this post to access the show “right here“.

31 thoughts on “Should Guns Be Allowed in the church? On Tonight’s Conversations Of A Sistah”

  1. I see no reason to allow guns to be carried in churches. Because of that, I say that any police officer or soldier should surrender their firearms before entering a church. There’s no reason a state agent should need a weapon while inside of a church.


  2. No, guns should not be allowed in church. Guns should not only not be allowed in church, they should not be allowed anywhere. There is no reason anyone in this country needs to be carrying a gun around with them.


  3. Tracy,
    I think theologically, to allow or encourage worshippers to bring guns to worship the Prince of Peace is a contradiction that we should not be comfortable with.


  4. It is also written in the Bible that a man who doesn’t defend his family is worse than a bastard. The early Puritans carried their weapons to church. History records through a Frenchman his astonishment that such pious people should have had weapons in church. It was for self defense against indigenous provocateurs. The Bible also says in the Last Days that satan will be cast to earth and he will be angry because he knows his time is short.


  5. Yes. “Speak softly and carry a big stick.” The big stick in this age is a gun. Doesn’t mean it will be used to harm anyone, but to protect the rights of the owner.


  6. Without having read any of the other comments, I believe that carrying a firearm should be allowed anywhere !!


  7. Christian churches are being attacked all over the world. Bombings and killings of Christians are in the news every single week. Catholic churches, in particular, have been targets in the past few years.

    Defend your faith with prayer and words, but also look out for your family as well. Our second amendment right goes hand in hand with our God given right to worship in peace.


  8. The word is his sword and it proceeds out of his mouth. He has eyes of fire! and he stomps real well too! JESUS IS LORD !!!


  9. If Jesus himself did not see fit to disarm his apostles before breaking bread with them, then how could any church ignore Christ’s example and deny the faithful their right to protect the congregation.


  10. As to the question of whether Jesus would carry a weapon, try reading Luke 36:22. He didn’t seem completely averse to weapons when He commanded Peter to “sell [his] cloak and buy a sword.” Ecclesiastes 3 reminds us that “for everything there is a season.” Dress accordingly.


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