And The Poetry continues…Tonight on “Conversations Of A Sistah”


April 15, 2015 by The ReadyWriter


Poetry is a language spoken or written in the form of expressive art. At the most basic level, poetry is an experience produced by two elements of language: “sense” and “sound.” The “sense” of a word and its meaning.

Our imaginations are often stirred by a poem’s visual presentation. Just like a person, poems can send all kinds of signals with their physical appearance.

A poem is “something made or created”. The poet is the creator and language of the material out of which she/he has created out of his/her work of art.

Is there a poetry creator in you? Have you a work of lyrical gifts that you’d like to share on the air?

Join me tonight at 6:30 p.m. on “Conversations Of A Sistah” on Blog Talk Radio, as I continue to shine the light on National Poetry month in a discussion on “Poetry~Poets and Limericks“. You can share your lyrical gifts on the air at 1-917-889-7872 by pressing ‘1’ to speak with the host.

All links in this post make it possible to access the online show!

See you all on the air!!


99 thoughts on “And The Poetry continues…Tonight on “Conversations Of A Sistah”

  1. QTip says:

    Tracy Trace! where U been?
    Wasup Conversations wit a Sistah, talk 2abrotha


  2. Nicole says:

    I would be too shy to recite poetry on the air 😛


  3. Coco says:

    Dang this is still April? O_o I’ll be glad when we can get back to talkin bout some good ole gossip or something else altogether


  4. SlickRick says:

    hickory, DICKery dock, a chick sat on my glock. i popped her cheer, she didn’t care ….oh shit! That’s as good as it gets Trace.


  5. SlickRick says:

    Hey peoples


  6. Daisy says:

    I’ve been enjoying all of the poetry Ms. Bell has shared thus far. Tuning into the show 🙂


  7. Acquitta says:

    Tracy don’t blog like she use tooo. all we getting are these show post 😥 I miss her


  8. Neisy says:

    Enjoying #thesethingsthediaryofapoet


  9. Yvonne says:

    This is all we get lately huh?
    I’m good at being silent, it hurts but sometimes no response is the best response


  10. Lisa says:

    Looking 4ward to my show!!!!! 🙂


  11. Mahogany says:

    I love poetry but just because I do, it doesn’t make me a lyricist


  12. Starr says:

    sistahs are women/girls who share~so i’ll def be on the air.


  13. Adriane says:

    Yea I’m tuning in but these once a week show post ain’t da business blog queen


  14. mittseybean says:

    I guess folk will talk about the show after the show?


  15. Angelhair says:

    so bored with national poetry month.


  16. 2thick4you says:

    I have a feeling
    That I can comprehend
    In my deepest thoughts your are more than just a friend 😛


  17. Ashanti says:

    Show was OFF THE HOOK!
    Pages 59, 60 and 80 are just some of her shit that’s HAUT ta da death!!!


  18. Val says:

    Trace rocking that AnnMarie piece 😛 good show!


  19. CorporateBitch says:

    Tracy what happened???? I requested “A Fairytale Story” Daym! And you ended 10 minutes early! O_o WTF


  20. gia says:

    I just ordered another book. 😛 my sister want one. cuss she can’t have mine. no m’ame


  21. RandomChick says:

    show couldn’t be heard.


  22. Good evening all.

    I’m so sorry the audio from the show was on “mute” in the studio and I never realized. Please forgive me…Next week will be better.

    I “thank you” all for your continued support.



  23. BillyBoy says:



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