Solange Knowles got married yesterday…Does anybody care??


November 17, 2014 by The ReadyWriter


Her ceremony was on her terms and in her own way.

Solange Knowles married her fiancé video choreographer Alan Ferguson, 51 in New Orleans on Sunday in a southern style eclectic wedding that was out of the norm. The couple arrived for the ceremony on vintage white bicycles, the brides adorned with white roses.

The guest all wore white and a lot of care and precision went into Solange’s big day as her wedding photos will be featured in a layout of Vogue magazine.

Standing to attention: Judging by these official wedding photos, a lot of care and precision went into organizing Solange's big day

Noticeably missing from the wedding festivities was Solange and Beyoncé’s father, Matthew Knowles who’s apparently estranged from his daughter’s due to his highly publicized extra marital indiscretions. Therefore, instead of the shining moment of a father/daughter dance; Solange had a mother/son dance with her ten (10) year old son, Daniel Julez, from her previous marriage. The video is too cute check it out!


52 thoughts on “Solange Knowles got married yesterday…Does anybody care??

  1. Natasha says:

    LMAO 😆 thanks Tracy for NOT mentioning BEYONCE as the importance of this post.


  2. Adriane says:

    Solange really admires DIANA ROSS! She strikingly resembles her! I hope that if they ever make a movie of Diana Ross that they get her to play the role of DIANA! Pray that she has good acting skills! (fingers crossed). BEAUTIFUL WEDDING!!! MAY GOD BLESS THEIR MARRIAGE!


  3. Yasha says:

    Weird…..Weird….Weird….her wedding looked like it was just Weird 😡


  4. 2thick4you says:

    She def did it on her terms. and thatz fa damn sure!


  5. Yvonne says:

    She looks amazing and the wedding looks amazing. I like because she does what she wants unlike her sister, keeping up appearances. Kudos to her for keeping it real!


  6. Henrietta says:

    Solange’s son is too cute !!!!!!!!!!! Love the video. He just needed to ease up chewing that damn gum.


  7. Angelhair says:

    “Noticeably missing from the wedding festivities was Solange and Beyoncé’s father, Matthew Knowles who’s apparently estranged from his daughter’s due to his highly publicized extra marital indiscretions.”

    Not sure why ??? His transgressions are against their mom, not her and Beyonce….kinda sad.


  8. Nicole says:

    The whole affair looks odd.


  9. Miss Ang says:

    I liked the mother-son dance, it was just adorable, oh my gosh 🙂 I only wish that he wasn’t chewing that gum, and I wish Solange had found something else to wear that did keep flashing her crotch as she danced.


  10. HarlemGirl says:

    Solange’s son is too cute !!!!!!!!!!!


  11. Lilly says:

    This is just so weird…I have nothing else to say. Bicycles? O_o


  12. Angelhair says:

    So glad Solange outshined Beyonce on her own wedding day…..


  13. Kayla says:

    odd ceremony O_o but ok.


  14. Tamala says:

    Solange has such beautiful facial features. The ‘fro hairstyle fits her so well. She is just beautiful.


  15. gia says:

    Beautiful dress and venue and beautiful girl! Underrated compared to her sister but she handles it well and the love between her and her son is so obvious and sweet. Wish them well!


  16. Lisa says:

    Always thought she was Weird


  17. ManUp says:

    You’re right Trace nobody cares. The only reason why her pictures are in the newspapers and online is because she is Beyoncé’s sister other than that no one would care.


  18. Sane says:

    She looks like something off of Star Wars! Solange, ruler of the elevator! LMAO


  19. CorporateBitch says:

    Her husband does NOT look 51!!!!!


  20. Mahogany says:

    OMG! That was a looooooong dance performance!! Wedding looks weird thou. O_o


  21. Jamilla says:

    Oh man that looks so creepy! like a modern day Adams Family! Is uncle fester in the basement?


  22. Acquitta says:

    Perfect dress for encore bride. Other outfits she wore….not so much but that floor length caped dress that also serves a moderate train is gonna be at David’s Bridal by Thursday. Knock offs coming. It’s a great dress


  23. Ashanti says:

    Looks like more of a performance than a wedding


  24. Ashanti says:

    Yo y’all Al Sharpton and PoliticsNation is real beat for news cause he talkin bout “beyonce’s sister put a ring on it” GTFOH


  25. Mahogany says:

    She did it her own way, her own style, she looks pretty in that elegant dress.. Her son looks cute trying to remember the dance moves.


  26. Olivijah says:

    Solange looked absolutely radiant! The outfit choices are superb as well as the wedding pictures. She went traditional with wear while at the same time, it’s still different. Love it. Congrats to the newlyweds! Wish them many years and happiness together.


  27. Pinky says:

    Her wedding dress was stunning, but that group picture . . . I mean really? They look like the Addams Family.


  28. Neisy says:

    I like the look of Solange and her hubby inside the old church. Cute, historic church and the New Orleans look.


  29. QueenC says:

    That wedding picture looks ridiculous. Like some sort of other-worldly superhero family reunion.


  30. Adam says:

    Why should we be interested? It’s family event not entertainment. Wish these people would keep their private lives private.


  31. Princess says:

    They did their wedding their way, suiting their style without the usual boring traditions. Good for them.


  32. RandomChick says:

    Solange and Bey both married much older men. Are they both looking for a replacement father??


  33. Ebony says:

    That caped gown is too sharp.


  34. mittseybean says:

    Very artistic !


  35. Browngirl says:

    That jumpsuit is everything! I love Solange’s artsy/creativity.


  36. Val says:

    Solange and her old husband look like two fools on them bikes. She looks good in that jumpsuit though!


  37. Wanda says:

    The Carter’s and Ms. Tina killed it.
    This looked so down to earth and relaxed, like a second wedding should!


  38. Lexy says:

    There was absolutely NOTHING wrong with this wedding to me. I loved everything from the colors, to the styling to the set-up of the photos… I even loved the bicycles. Different isn’t always “strange”… this was a New Orleans wedding through and through. New Orleans is deeply rooted in french culture.


  39. Ionna says:

    This was a cute wedding. I like the non-traditional.


  40. Starr says:

    I think this was a beautiful wedding & a great idea for a 2nd wedding.


  41. Pookie~Nem says:

    Solange looks a hot dayum mess!
    I respect her creativity but it all looks strange and staged IMO.


  42. Zenna says:

    Solange might’ve had her own style but I can’t relate. I always thought she was weird. The mother and son dance was/is cute though.


  43. Mrs. Hawthorne says:

    Aint feelin her 70’s theme wedding. give me tradition anyday,


  44. Omar says:

    she gon whoop dudes ass. give it 5-6 months


  45. Keisha says:

    Congrats to the happy couple.


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