Chicago Teacher Calls Students “NIGGERS” After They Ask Not To Be Called African-American


November 3, 2014 by The ReadyWriter


According to the Huffington post:

Last week, an Illinois substitute teacher reportedly called a group of four middle school girls the N-word after they asked not to be called African-American.

The incident occurred at Jay Stream Middle School in the town of Carol Stream during an eighth-grade social studies class. When interviewed by local news outlet WMAQ, student Mea Thompson, who is of Jamaican descent, said they asked the teacher not to call them African-American since none of them are from Africa.

“She said, ‘It’s the politically correct term.’ Then she said, ‘Well, back then you guys would be considered the N-word,'” Thompson said, recalling the exchange. “We were so shocked and we were like, ‘What? Excuse me? That’s not correct to call us that.’ She was like, ‘Well, back then that’s what African-Americans were called.’”

The teacher allegedly used the N-word several times over the 80-minute class period.

“After the shock and hurt, I’m angry,” Thompson’s mother, Shayna, said. “It’s a new world, and the people of the past that still hang onto hatred and bigotry don’t belong in this world anymore.”

When reached for comment, the District Superintendent William Shields said the events in the classroom are still unclear, but said the teacher would not be returning to the school.

30 thoughts on “Chicago Teacher Calls Students “NIGGERS” After They Ask Not To Be Called African-American

  1. Pamela says:

    I’m Black and African-American too so, whatever. Those girls tried to pull a Raven Simone probably talking bout “I dont want to be labelled” bullcrap.

    Welp, guess hat?? Society labels you anyway sooo, here’s ya label….Yeah yeah, the white lady was racist and wrong, I know—but its funny to see these young blacks get their wake up call.


  2. RandomChick says:

    They are Jamaican…..Called them Jamaican not African American, let people be who they are, not everyone wants to be placed in the African American group.


  3. alscream says:

    Jamaicans are very much of African Descent, so what’s wrong with calling them African American?


  4. Ionna says:

    Some people are extremely uneducated about their heritage. These little girls are black.


  5. Ionna says:

    morning people


  6. Sane says:

    White folk believe that all blacks are African American…there are many blacks living in america who are not american citizens, they are here on work visa or on green card…they are not African american, they are Jamaican or atiguan or Ghanian, or Brazilian, they are all ARFICANS but not African american, …maybe African Jamaican or African Cuban or African Antiguan but not African American….


  7. BillyBoy says:

    If you live in this country u are identified as African American google it, you’ll see.


  8. cameo1 says:

    Damn where was the OUTCRY when rappers had it in every song lyric and still do O_o SMH


  9. Angelhair says:

    Who cares, at the end of the day they’re BLACK and that’s what the world sees period!


    • Nicole says:

      Who cares, at the end of the day they’re BLACK and that’s what the world sees period!
      She called them NIGGERS and there’s the difference O_o read the post!


      • Coco says:

        She called them NIGGERS and there’s the difference
        EXACTLY which makes it so NOT the point. The point is, she called them NIGGERS that is ignorant, degrading and unacceptable!! What world U livin in @Angelhair? O_o please have several _/


  10. Ebony says:

    No they are African American if they live in America sorry…google it…smh


  11. Lisa says:

    they didnt want to be called African american because they are Jamaican


  12. Bird says:

    African American is a stupid thing to call any black person in America.
    You don’t call white people European American.


  13. Henrietta says:

    as black folks, I feel we shouldn’t always have to explain ourselves.


  14. bballen says:

    They black…. Get over it !


  15. Tamala says:

    All of us are not direct descendants of Africa. Some of us were already IN America before slavery.


  16. Lexy says:



  17. Coco says:

    Woo Hoo glad they got RID, RID, RID of her.


  18. Civil says:

    Racism and ignorance at a all-time high I tell you. SMDH 😡


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