Actor Tracy Morgan in Critical Condition after car crash


June 7, 2014 by The ReadyWriter

Tracy Morgan,Meghan Wollover attend "Don Rickles: One Night Only"

Actor, comedian Tracy Morgan is in critical condition at a New Brunswick, New Jersey hospital following a multi-car accident early Saturday.

Morgan, 45, was critically injured when a limo bus he was riding in overturned on the New Jersey turnpike following a six-car crash, reports. The multi-car crash left at least one person dead and several others with serious injuries, including Morgan.

A passenger in Morgan’s limo, James McNair, 63, of Peekskill, N.Y., was killed when the bus flipped off the overpass and landed in a parking lot below.

Morgan was air lifted by helicopter to Robert Wood Johnson Hospital in New Brunswick, where he is listed in critical condition in the intensive care unit (ICU).

Morgan’s spokesperson, Lewis Kay, released this statement to the press:

“Tracy remains in critical condition at Robert Wood Johnson Hospital. He sustained these injuries in an accident that occurred early this morning as one of several passengers in a chauffeured SUV returning from a tour date in Delaware. His family is now with him and he is receiving excellent care. We don¹t anticipate much of a change in his condition today but will provide a further update once more information becomes available.”

Morgan and his 26-year-old girlfriend Megan Wollover (pictured above with Morgan) are expecting his fourth child. The couple had planned a baby shower for June 20. Morgan is best known for his comedic work in numerous movies and television, including his role as a cast member on Saturday Night Live, a long-running stint as Tracy Jordan on the TV series 30 Rock, and cameo appearances on television sitcoms such as Martin, starring Martin Lawrence.


36 thoughts on “Actor Tracy Morgan in Critical Condition after car crash

  1. Zenna says:

    Oh God praying for him. 😥


  2. Xmen says:

    Oh man I hope he pulls thru 😦 my thoughts and prayers are with his fam


  3. Starr says:

    I’m shocked he survived a 20-foot drop from the highway to the ground. I hope he makes it.


  4. Tammy says:

    these roads are so dangerous. i was always told you have to watch out for yourself AND the other drivers on the road.


  5. Kayla says:

    😥 praying that Tracy pulls through


  6. RandomChick says:

    Love his acting, hope he pulls through. Prayers for you Tracy 😦


  7. Bobby says:

    Best wishes to Tracy Morgan for a full recovery.


  8. Acquitta says:

    Although I’m not a fan, I do wish Mr Morgan a speedy recovery as well as all others who were injured in the accident. My condolences to the family of the person who lost their life.


  9. Yvonne says:

    Sending out prayers to all involved… get well soon


  10. UncleEd says:

    That’s an awful tragedy. Hopefully he will recover well.


  11. Lisa says:

    lets pray for him…


  12. Browngirl says:

    The fact that he even survived the accident is a miracle. My God. 😥


  13. Nicole says:

    Oh my God! That scene looks like nothing but fatalities. God bless him.


  14. Miss Ang says:

    Praying for his recovery.


  15. Tamala says:

    R.I.P. to the dead, hope tracy makes it


  16. Coco says:

    So sad. 😦


  17. Adam says:

    Sad to hear about Tracy and Mr. Mack 😦 praying Tracy pulls through.


  18. Adam says:



  19. Daisy says:

    Praying that Tracy have a speedy recovery.
    RIP to the comic who passed away.


  20. BBallen says:

    I heard Tracy is more responsive after having surgery. But damn he has a broken leg, broken ribs. He’s pretty banged up.


  21. Quincy says:

    Glad the driver was arrested for killing Tracy’s longtime friend. Now Walmart gotta shell out mad dough for this.


    • Yasha says:

      Glad the driver was arrested for killing Tracy’s longtime friend.
      Yes that’s like what? vehicular manslaughter?


  22. Omar says:

    So sad – this morning his prognosis is improved but still critical – my prayers are with them – sad his boy died – I bet they haven’t told him yet… I’m not even a fan I don’t like his comedy but this shit here is awful…


    • Rezzie says:

      sad his boy died – I bet they haven’t told him yet
      They can’t tell him and shouldn’t. He’s not OUT OF the woods completely just yet.


  23. Rezzie says:

    Pray for him people PRAY!


  24. Omar says:

    wonder if we’ll get a new post besides tomorrows post about the show. That damn Tracy Bell 😛


  25. Joanne says:

    Praying Tracy get well.


  26. Angelhair says:

    I pray he gets better.


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