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Pres. Obama is in the “fuck it” stage of his presidency!


Did you watch President Obama’s state of the union address last night? I was back and forth with it between “the have’s and the have not’s”.

Word was already OUT and all in the media how President Barack Obama said “he was going to start overriding congress on executive orders to get the sagging economy moving”. Obama is tired of being disrespected and tired of talking to these cry baby ass republicans, so now he’s warned them all publicly that; he’s got a pen and telephone and will start moving things along without them.

The president is tired of negotiating and trying to be fair while the republican’s and congress hold the American people hostage because of their own hatred, prejudices and political agenda’s.

Besides, it’s not as if congress listens to the President’s demands he lays out during the State of the Union address anyway. Last year, only two of his requests were fulfilled by the least productive congress in history, pushing Obama to enact more executive orders without congress’ approval.

Enough is enough!

Now his attitude is “fuck it” I’m the president, it’s time to make shit happen on my own!

64 thoughts on “Pres. Obama is in the “fuck it” stage of his presidency!”

  1. WoW and it’s the SAME RedNeK Right-wingers who claim the PRez is not willing to Compromise who are the SAME ones holding up and trying to BLOCK progress!


    1. Pres. Obama executive orders is not as you say “screwing the constitution”. in fact – its a fact that BUSH signed more executive orders at this stage in his presidency than Obama has done.


      1. going over congress’ head? wouldn’t that be against the constitution? #Justsayin
        Any relationship depends on trust. – contracts, marriage, governments. The words mean nothing wothout trust. The reality is that the Republicans no longer can be trusted to do their portion of governments so the other party to the contract (President) is no longer tied to the agreement. @Angelhair, what would you do?


      2. going over congress’ head? wouldn’t that be against the constitution?
        I agree in that….its not how our government was laid out to work, however I am fairly certain our founding fathers never really intended for obstructionism to take hold of congress and the GOP either.


      3. the GOP doesn’t want to play nice or co-operate with him whatso-Ever.
        so he gotta do what he gotta do!


  2. It’s time to carry on with the pen and his executive powers to get things done. He should have done it a long time ago . . .


  3. Obama should have said “FUCK IT” long time ago. I know he don’t want that Jigga man to come out a him but sometimes it have too.


  4. Obama is not going to allow congress to make a fool out of him or block their efforts. He’s the President of the US for god’s sakes it’s time he put his john Hancock to action in order to cut the bullshit!


  5. “I believe this can be a breakthrough year for America. After five years of grit and determined effort, the United States is better-positioned for the 21st century than any other nation on Earth.” Do you Obama !


  6. Tra how you gon watch the ‘haves and have nots’ plus the state of the union? gtfoh you good but you ain’t that good 😆 sike!


  7. I’m all for the idea of the President Obama going a bit nuts with the executive orders. At this point I think the man doesn’t have a choice in the matter.


  8. When you’re tired, you’re tired.
    And this do-nothing Congress has drained all of his patience already. So I doubt blame him.


  9. I hope he signs Executive Orders so much that he has to switch hands to do so because one hand won’t write anymore! I’m sick of the do-nothing Congress too but I’d bet I’m not half as sick of them as this President is!


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