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Trayvon Martin Juror: George Zimmerman belongs in prison!


George Zimmerman belongs in prison … this, coming from one of the jurors in the Trayvon Martin case who kept him OUT of prison.

Juror B29 who identifies herself as Maddy — tells TMZ, she always had a bad feeling about Zimmerman, despite finding him not guilty of murdering Trayvon … a verdict she begrudgingly reached through a strict interpretation of the law.

Now, she says Zimmerman’s domestic violence arrest is proof he’s not freedom-worthy … “God is showing George’s true side … [George] is continuing to dig himself a bigger grave.” 

The juror believes Zimmerman will continue to commit violent acts until someone lays down the law  … telling us, “He NEEDS to do some type of time … He thinks he is invincible.”

She’s a little too late to be adding her opinion now, especially since she and her peers set this killer free.

30 thoughts on “Trayvon Martin Juror: George Zimmerman belongs in prison!”

  1. Juror B29 needs to STFU. Nobody held a gun to her head to vote this monfucker free. Now she has the nerve to come out and pretend remorse. Lying biotch. She voted what her dumb azz thought at the time. Live with it!!!!


    1. God is showing this guys true colors
      nah he have NO PEACE! that’s why he can’t sleep @ night. he seein Trayvon when he close his eyes.


  2. I am sick of reading all this shit about the jurors’ hands being tied by the judge. They were free to vote what they will. It is their job to cut through the bullshit and find the truth. They knew that gz committed a terrible crime, and they could have convicted him guilty of manslaughter at least, but they took the cowards way out and let him go. fuck her!


  3. George Zimmerman’s girlfriend, Samantha Scheibe, who called 911 accusing Zimmerman of pointing a gun at her, has been shopping around for a national media interview for weeks, but none of the national media would pay her the money she was seeking.


  4. He killed an innocent teen and because the jurors stuck to the STAND YOUR GROUND LAW. He is now out running lose and free and what has he done since? Nothing but get into trouble. He has threaten his ex wife and father in law now his girlfriend. How much more will this asshole do to stay relevant?


  5. STFU Maddy., You blew your opportunity to speak up when it counted — in the jury room. Anything you have to say now is meaningless


  6. I strongly believe the Prosecutors in the Trayvon/Zimmerman trial purposely threw away the case because they didnt want him convicted! There was so much.. to put this guy away for life


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