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Alec Baldwin is a liar!! Accusing friend of cheating with his alleged mistress turned stalker Genevieve Sabourin


Alec Baldwin lied on a woman (his down low mistress) by filing charges against her as his alleged stalker, all because he was sleeping with her at the same time he proposed to another woman who is now his wife.

The actor’s claim that he never had sex with the French-Canadian actress accused of stalking him was called a liar on Tuesday by his supposed friend, “Scarface” producer Martin Bregman. Baldwin claims the French-Canadian actress Genevieve Sabourin, was actually Bregman’s mistress however, Bergman paints another picture altogether.

“He’s lying,” Bregman told the Daily News after the first day of Genevieve Sabourin’s sensational trial wrapped.

“He was screwing two women at the same time. One of them is his present wife and the other one, I presume, he was doing the girl in question.” “To sidestep any involvement with (Sabourin), he made up a report of stalking,” said Bregman, who called the move “pretty stupid.”

Bregman was referring to Baldwin’s wife, Hilaria, and the alleged stalker.

Baldwin, who got teary-eyed on the stand as he denied seducing Sabourin, insisted she had been Bregman’s longtime mistress. He testified that Bregman introduced her to him in 2002 at a lunch in Montreal.

Bregman laughed at the notion of “having an affair with a woman that’s considerably younger” and said they noshed with another woman.

“I’m 87 years old and that’s very flattering, but that’s all it is,” he told The News.

Bregman’s takedown of Baldwin came after Sabourin turned day one of her trial into a circus by heckling the actor while he testified and going after Hilaria as well. Sabourin yelled out of turn in the courtroom by consistently calling Baldwin a LIAR!

Apparently Baldwin was screwing Sabourin and his current wife Hilaria at the same time. It will be just a matter of time before he cheats on Hilaria if he isn’t already.  

37 thoughts on “Alec Baldwin is a liar!! Accusing friend of cheating with his alleged mistress turned stalker Genevieve Sabourin”

  1. Why would Baldwin even deny seeing Sabourin if it were true? He was single at the time and she is not all that fugly. He would really have no reason to deny having the relationship at the time.


    1. Why would Baldwin even deny seeing Sabourin if it were true? He was single at the time
      Olivijah he was seeing two women at the same time, not faithful in his singleness so how does that make it right? If a man cheats when he’s single with 2 women he’ll do it when he gets married…nothing will change


      1. Why would Baldwin even deny seeing Sabourin if it were true? He was single at the time
        that’s obvious. he has to deny it he don’t want wifey to know he was boning them both at the same time.


      2. Why would Baldwin even deny seeing Sabourin if it were true? He was single at the time
        Cause he wanted to hide the fact that he was screwing the 2nd chick.


  2. Men are very simple to understand. They are not wired up like women. They do not run on emotions they value time and money. Women need to “Stop giving it up” so fast, let a man work for it. Stop going by a person’s smooth talking words…. go by their actions….He used her.




  4. Alec has issues and this is apparent.
    That girl was crazy all the fame in the world wouldn’t of had me marry his ass. Now look he has her embroiled in all this damn public drama with one of his former side pieces SMDH 😦


  5. IMO he’s making a fool out of his wife because she testified based on what he told her.
    She should be side eyeing (*_*) her man wondering if he tellin her the truth


  6. Genevieve Sabourin, who says the actor hit on her while he was still married to Kim Basinger, was sentenced to 30 days of jail for contempt of court after a number of outbursts. ‘You are not permitted to scream out loud constantly,’ the judge said. The French-Canadian actress says she and Baldwin had sex three years ago after Valentine’s Day rendezvous in Manhattan.

    and he will cheat on wife #2 WATCH!


    1. Really Kayla?
      That’s Nonsense.
      You dip your wick you better be able to handle the heat from the candle when the flame finds out you lied to her.


  7. A man has an encounter with a woman, then decides to move on with his life and later discovers that he and his family are now stalked by that woman. What a mess that can be.


  8. No doubt in my mind that Alec Baldwin is lying. Although he is a talented actor, he is also very vain and egotistical. Crying on the stand, give me a break, nice acting job. If I were the judge or a member of the jury I could not attach any criminality to her actions. Obviously she is distraught over the misconceived failure of “their relationship” but she will get over it, absolutely no need for fines or imprisonment on the taxpayers dime.

    Remember Alec Baldwins rant at his daughter that was recorded a while back. Typical immature movie star who is full of himself, temper tantrums when he doesn’t get his way. And of course the time when he fled to the toilet when he was told to turn off his cellphone on American Airlines flight. Eventually got booted off the plane. Now he blames this tryst on a 87 year old man in a wheelchair, what a psychopath.

    The judge should give him a good tongue lashing for perjury, dismiss the charges against the woman and serve her with a restraining order keeping her away from him. They both will get over it. Case dismissed!


  9. Hilaria will hang in there as long as her divorce attorney says to, to make sure she gets all of the goodies. We have minimum thresholds in New York. You can’t just marry for 72 days and get half of everything. She’s gone this far, she’ll hold on for what’s behind door #3.


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