Conrad Murray Released From Jail After Serving two years…


October 28, 2013 by The ReadyWriter

The doctor who administered the fatal dose of propofol that killed the “king of pop” was released from a Los Angeles County jail after serving just two years of a 4 year sentence due to over crowding. At 12:01 AM this morning Murray slipped out of the L.A. county jail and into obscurity to reclaim his life and catch up with his family.

Murray, 60, who served as Jackson’s personal physician, was convicted of involuntary manslaughter in 2009.

The coroner determined Jackson died of acute propofol intoxication; propofol is a powerful surgical anesthetic that Conrad was using to treat the singer’s insomnia. Jackson also had Valium, Ativan and Versed in his system, The Associated Press reported.

“I will restart my life and, God willing, I will be a model to show the world that despite adversity, and when bad things happen to good people, they can restart their life and succeed,” Murray said.

Katherine Jackson and the Jackson clan are all upset that Conrad Murray has been released after serving just two years behind bars. They’re hope is that he never practices medicine again.


68 thoughts on “Conrad Murray Released From Jail After Serving two years…

  1. Adam says:

    Noooooooo– don’t let this dude practice medicine ever again.


  2. Adam says:

    Top of the morning to you Ms. Bell 🙂


  3. Val says:

    Nobody is perfect let this man live and reclaim his life. Yes it will be hard but he has that right. MJ made his own bed Murray needed the money and was desperate. The Jackson’s need to let it go and realize their brother/son, etc. had a problem.


  4. Bobby says:

    The Jackson’s released the following statement:
    “We hope he can never practice medicine again and will not violate his Hippocratic oath and hurt another patient.”


  5. Ebony says:

    Dr. Murray clearly overstepped his bounds as his patient’s advocate and protector, in this case. But Michael Jackson was not entirely without blame either.

    The doctor has been punished for his unethical behavior, and he should be able to use his new found experience, not only to help other patients, but also prevent other doctors from doing the same.


  6. Browngirl says:

    I don’t think anyone practicing lethal medicine outside of hospital should ever have his medical practice reinstated again. this was homicide. 2 years good behavior – what a joke


  7. Floridagirl says:

    I say let Conrad Murray be great. He has to live with the death of an icon and I’m sure that shit haunts him every night when he closes his eyes for sleep.


  8. Miss Ang says:

    Yes. Why this Dr. ever agreed to use anesthesia for sleep is beyond me. Michael wasn’t sleeping under its influence. He was unconscious from anesthesia. Hopefully this guy will never get his license back.


  9. Civil says:

    As upset as i was about MJ’s death. I also recognize that this man in no way wanted to kill him. MJ had unlimited resources and untold power. Retire dude and try to make a difference some other way.


  10. Alscream says:

    This was involuntary manslaughter, but the doctor’s license should not be reinstated. Retire dude and find yourself a fishing pole and a pier.


  11. Keisha says:

    The Jackson family, they have my deepest condolences, but these folks are unconscionable. Michael had deep seated issues which were caused by this dysfunctional family. His demise wasn’t all of Conrad’s fault. If it took all of those meds to put Michael asleep, this guy had a serious addiction to the point that he had built up a serious tolerance. One Ambien would do it for me. So if he had all of those drugs in his system and still couldn’t sleep, he had a problem.


  12. Lexy says:

    Those 2 years went by fast.


  13. HarlemGirl says:

    I think this Doctor exactly knew what he was doing.


  14. Acquitta says:

    4 years wasn’t enough and two yrs. was too soon!


  15. Starr says:

    Unpardonable to let this fool out after serving only half his sentence. To even consider giving him back his medical license is madness.


  16. Mahogany says:

    Mark my words,
    This man, Conrad Murray will have an up-scale practice in Houston in no time.
    Truth, justice, and the American Way :(>


  17. Nicole says:

    He’ll have a new practice but he’ll def. need to change his name? People hate that man and blame him for Michael’s death.


  18. BBallen says:

    2 years? Bullshit sentence people.


  19. cameo1 says:

    Murray was injecting a guy with a SURGICAL ANAESTHETIC and then stepped out of the room so he could take a phone call. In other times, he would have rightly been hanged by the neck until he was dead.


  20. Gia says:

    I’m glad to see he got out on good behavior because doing more time would not serve any purpose however I’m glad to see he can not practice medicine anymore and hope he never does. He has demonstrated he is not fit to do so.


  21. Pointmen says:

    Those 2 years went by fast. Dayum!


  22. olivijah says:

    Wow, he was found guilty of helping to kill Michael Jackson, yet he is now free, must be nice to be born a foreigner , help kill an American citizen/Icon and get away with it. Hopefully he will be deported back to his own country, which is either Hattie, or Jamaica, either way he needs to go.


  23. Zenna says:

    Welcome home Dr. Conrad!!!!! 😆


  24. Tammy says:

    Michael was taking prescription medication way before this doctor became his physician, he had different people that worked for him picking up prescriptions for him. I think that fame and money at such a young age destroys people, look at Justin Bieber he was a good kid and now his drinking and partying and fighting with people who stand up to him big egos can bring down people quickly. I think that this doctor was listening and giving Michael what he wanted except this time he was older and was trying to go out on a impossible tour at his age at the time and all those medications combined took a toll on his heart.


  25. Kayla says:

    Jackson’s doctor should never have been in jail. Jackson got what he DEMANDED.


  26. RandomChick says:

    Conrad Murray should have never been convicted in the first place… Sure he gave MJ propofol as MJ ask for it… But, this was NOT the sole source of MJ drug toxicity which lead to his drug overdose and death… and the fact that MJ had other drugs in his system that also contributed to his own death… why was this doctor even held accountable in the 1st place…


  27. Ionna says:

    No matter what Conrad Murray does now he will 4ever be scarred as the man who killed THE KING OF POP!!!! People hate him and he will not be able to LIVE a normal life. Ever!!!!


  28. Mrs. Hawthorne says:

    Welcome home Dr. Murray.


  29. Coco says:

    Po Conrad Murray. he should be on house arrest for the remaining 2 years.


  30. Joanne says:

    RIP MJ


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