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Obama Holds News Conference Amid Shutdown and Debt Ceiling Fights


President Barack Obama held a press conference today to discuss the ongoing standoff over the government shutdown, which entered its second week today, as well as the looming debt ceiling deadline on October 17th.

“Take this drama off the table” the president said and let congress be on record for taking a vote today to end this government shutdown.

Obama let it all hang out even stating that it’s the tea-party who has Boehner and his colleagues in this petty strong-hold of threats. In the meantime holding the American people hostage until they get their way. The president stressed that he’s tired and he knows the American people are tired of this game of retaliation as well. 

Obama says he urged Boehner to hold a vote immediately to reopen the government. A vote could end the shutdown today! 

27 thoughts on “Obama Holds News Conference Amid Shutdown and Debt Ceiling Fights”

      1. I don’t wanna hear shit about shit except they’ve reached an agreeMENT and the shutdown is ova.


  1. There once was a Speaker named John Boehner
    Who thought governing would be a no-brainer
    But after a few drinks of Scotch
    The shutdown he did botch
    Now he’s No-Brainer Boehner the Complainer.


  2. why won’t the repubs bring this to a vote? Oh I know, the tea baggers are calling the shots and have taken over the republican party. PUT IT TO A VOTE ALREADY GOT DAMNIT!


  3. 17 Families of service people who have been killed since October 1 have been denied death benefits by the Republican extortion. Damn shame!


  4. Obama should have mentioned the fact that we had a balanced budget before Republicans got ahold of it during the Bush administration.


    1. Boehner’s punk ass! y’all know he’s an alcoholic right?
      Yeah because his face is always beat red! 😆


      1. y’all know he’s an alcoholic right?
        Who gives a fuck?! It still doesn’t negate the fact that he’s playing with people’s lives.


      2. Boehner’s punk ass! y’all know he’s an alcoholic right?
        Simple solution, tell Boenher the American people will buy him a bottle of scotch if he puts a clean CR up for a vote. This way he can drown his sorrow the only way he knows how.


  5. The GOP is the entity who caused the shutdown. It wasn’t hard for them to have a hissy fit over an already passed law…stoopid asses!


  6. President Obama cannot negotiate with Congress – even if he wanted to.

    no one know what the Congress as a whole wants.

    why not a series of votes designed to outline the Congress’ actual position.

    without this it is just a bunch of games by Boehner.


  7. So, if the GOP won’t even hold a vote to re-open OUR government, how can they possibly have any credibility when they say this isn’t their fault? (I know, Repubs always say that)


  8. Boehner said unless President Obama caves and gives him 98 percent or more of what he wants we will default America be dammed. Then he will tear up and start sobbing by saying see what YOU made ME do.


  9. Boehner is just looking out for #1%. he is more concerned over getting his way than the survival of our country. He cares less about a vote and raising the debt limit to keep our country operating


  10. these bastids don’t give 2 shits about the american people. Folks better flood the polls to get rid of these fools too come 2014.


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