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Shots Fired On Capital Hill!!


A woman fired shots on Capital Hill a few minutes ago. The woman has been detained and the child in the car with her taken into custody. There is one injured police officer and the scene is chaotic!

56 thoughts on “Shots Fired On Capital Hill!!”

  1. The shooter is already in custody………It was a female and from the looks of the kid that was with her she’s black.


  2. I bet they are carrying on as usual right now…
    😡 Oh, she dead? OK. Let’s continue to fuck off and fuck over the country. I ain’t got no worries.
    That should have at least lit some type of fire under their ass… I bet it would if she were a man.


  3. That poor baby was probably scared for his life.. I wonder if he/she was old enough to understand what happened. I wonder where the father was…


  4. And this is just the beginning of it, I hope they end this shutdown soon. But I read somewhere that one of the Senators was complaining about how much he makes a yr and can’t live off it. I think they should do a wife swap with Boomsheka and a congressman wife. They’ll change their minds about a Shutdown then.


  5. the baby probably was in the back seat hollering “mommie mommie I’m hungry” and mama said ok honey we going to see President Obama right now we gonna eat good tonight 😆


  6. I’m just mad we still paying these bitches!
    So selfish and entitled of em to throw a temper tantrum that affects so many. …FUCK EM ALL…
    I wanna know how we can protest em without being sent to jail 😡


  7. So sad that the same stereotypes that the “conservative” whites have about this dead mother are the same shared about her here…wic vouchers…really? From the looks of her car, she didn’t ram her car. Later reports state the cop rammed his car into the barricade trying to get into the chase. The reports were that the woman was unarmed. This is sad. That poor child will be traumatized for a while.


  8. Did they really have to kill this girl I mean they could have shot her in the leg or something. Smh 😦 I tell you this is one sad story.


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