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Meet the preachers of LA!

And they’re coming to a reality T.V. near you!

The new docu-series Preachers of L.A. on Oxygen Network is bringing a different approach to evangelism by using social media and broadcast media to deliver their messages of salvation and prosperity. However many are questioning these preachers and Bishops intent and labeling them greedy in the name of the Lord! Making a profit from reality television on what they do for a living?

Bishop Clarence McClendon even quoting Jay Z in his message above to defend their stance and sell his point.

The preachers, Bishop Noel Jones, minister Deitrick Haddon, Bishop Clarence McClendon, Pastor Jay Haizlip, Pastor Wayne Chaney and Bishop Ron Gibson’s reality show will air next Wednesday, Oct. 9 and will give you a glimpse into the lives of six mega-pastors from Los Angeles.

Preachers of L.A. will explore the human side of these ambitious and very powerful men of faith.

Check your local broadcast channels for time and listings.

23 thoughts on “Meet the preachers of LA!”

  1. They are suppose to be leading people to Christ and instead they take the name of those who do and live an anti Christ lifestyle. I hope they see this show and realize they need to change their ways because they will reap what they sow.


  2. Sick minds stick together. And I wont even go on a rant about the preacher that made that comment. Side eye…I can. Pulpit pimps…


      1. What comment Coco?

        “Bishop Clarence McClendon even quoting Jay Z in his message above to defend their stance and sell his point”

        Read the full post please before commenting and asking questions..


      2. Y’all better learn and know the Word of God for yourselves.

        The Bible says, “Money answers all things ~ Ecclesiastes 10-19


      3. Oh and Jesus wasn’t poor! Judas was his treasurer. Know any poor people who have a treasurer?


      4. Why would the Roman guards cast lots over Jesus’ clothes if they were of cheap material? Jesus wasn’t hardly poor.


      5. Pearls gates, ever heard of that? Owner of the cattle on a thousand hills, heard of that either? Heaven is my throne, the earth my footstool, how about this? King David=rich, Joseph=rich, Abraham=rich. Even Jesus said the poor you will have with you always. Read your bible people!


      6. AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! People around here think Jesus was/is poor and wants his followers to do the same. My Lord and Savior is NOT poor, he is the King of Kings which is why I, as HIS daughter, HIS follower, the apple of HIS eye will live like a Queen.


  3. Didn’t know Christ lived in a big house on a hill in a gated community. Jay-z isn’t helping the poor because he feels his presence alone is enough. People can’t eat well wishes.

    Not saying these preachers need to live like paupers, but they shouldn’t be sitting on millions and expecting the congregation to give, give and give while they drive home in their Bentleys.


  4. I have no problem with wealthy preachers as long as they are glorifying God and doing what they are supposed to do as shepherds to God’s flock, loving and giving to the less fortunate and spreading the true Gospel.


  5. I love seeing a wealthy preacher with a wealthy congregation!!! We are supposed to live triumphant!!!!! Yes there are some crooks, but people cannot let those preachers who are crooks overshadow those that are truly men and women of God..


  6. This is why the Word says to watch & pray; that you’ll know a person by their fruit. Even the devil goes to church, often being the one who opens the doors. Smh

    Follow Christ, NOT man people!


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