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Akemi disapproves and “a little child will lead them”…


Yes I’ve declared dropping reality television programs because of the ghetto garbage being displayed but must admit how I’ve grown to love R&B Diva’s on TV1.

In a recent episode as a apart of the shows grand finale, Monifah (one of the Diva’s) who has come out as openly gay on the show, gets engaged to her longtime partner Terez. I love them as a couple and love it even more that Monifah’s daughter, Akemi disapproves of their relationship and is extremely vocal about it. Even telling her mother in one episode how “it’s an abomination“.


Monifah respects her daughter’s opinion as being that of her religious beliefs however; it’s really about her daughter shining a light of truth on her mother’s lifestyle.

The Word of God is extremely clear in stating: The wolf will live with the lamb, the leopard will lie down with the goat, the calf and the lion and the yearling together; and a little child will lead them.

Monifah was disappionted when she shared her exciting news to Akemi about being engaged and Akemi didn’t share in her excitement. We’ll have to tune-in for the upcoming episodes to find out if Akemi will attend her mother’s wedding to Terez, she told her mother Monifah “I’ll let you know if I attend your wedding“.

52 thoughts on “Akemi disapproves and “a little child will lead them”…”

  1. Well I see more and more people are being open about their sexuality. I remeber the latifah rumors… Wonder if the Pam from Martin rumors are also true.
    Anyway I will be watching the show. Monifah album is a Classic…. Good morning


  2. Tracy I’m trying to understand your parable “and a little child will lead them” what does this mean pretell?


    1. Tracy I’m trying to understand your parable “and a little child will lead them” what does this mean pretell?
      It means that all creation will one day be redeemed wholly in Jesus Christ, and a little child will be able to lead all those listed dangerous animals without fear of harm, because Sin will have been done away with.


  3. Heterosexuals never have to come out so why do homosexuals need to come out of anything….anyway…Syleena seems like she’s got quite the entitled attitude and KeKe is a stoopid drunk and crazy ass…I see Faith is gonna play the good role like she didn’t partake in hood antics and that nose candy…Nikki you tried for years but Brownstone was as good as it got…


  4. So, when you get any type of fame or become famous, you have to be gay/lesbian.. I dont want to be famous Smh 😡


  5. Some entertainers need to understand when its time to let go and move on. I am starting to get tired of all these has-beens tryna be on tv to see if it can resurrect a dead career. If you’ve been out (cough cough Rasheeda) for over 10 years and have not broken ground and become mainstream, then its not gonna happen. They need a show called The Has-Been check and help these so-called stars understand that the ship has sailed


  6. I actually dig all of these ladies, and I think its the artist that are out now, that need to have a seat, and get back to singing real R&b


  7. All these ladies have one thing in common – they slept their way to get some shine and eventually it died:
    Faith – Biggie
    Sylena Johnson – R Kelly
    Kiki Wyatt – Avant
    Monifah – Heavy D and Queen Latifah
    Cant remember the other one


  8. After being discovered by Heavy D in the 90s, Monifah says she went on a roller coaster ride in the industry that left her emotionally scarred. Though her first album was a success (remember “I Miss You”?), she says her professional relationship with Heavy D became strained during her second project. The pair’s friendship soon fell apart and she said she regrets that she didn’t speak to him before he died.
    After losing her record deal, 41-year-old Monifah said she was forced to deal with her abandonment and rejection issues…and it didn’t go so well. While still struggling with the deaths of several family members (including her father), she turned to cocaine for seven years to numb the pain. But now she says she’s been sober for over a year and is ready for the next chapter.
    This next chapter will actually be a new TVOne reality show called “R&B Divas.” She’ll star alongside Faith Evans, Syleena Johnson, Keke Wyatt and Nicci Gilbert. Monifah promised that the show will have its drama, but the real intent is to focus on positive resolutions. I’ll be watching…Didn’t know this 😡


  9. Why the hail she asking a 16 yr old what they approve of?

    Reality tv is like social security for has-been/wanna-be artists.


  10. Damn them!!!! more cracked-out, broke-down, beat-up, loose-booty, has-been, self-proclaimed divas? when are we going to get another cosby show?


    1. Damn them!!!! more cracked-out, broke-down, beat-up, loose-booty, has-been, self-proclaimed divas? when are we going to get another cosby show?

      😆 Hilarious!!!!!!


      1. I know a thing or three about women, and I know some thirsty hoodrat hoe’s when I see one.


    1. Good for them. Happiness (his and hers) is all that mattters in the end.
      LMMFAO 😆 @ “Happiness (his and hers) is all that mattters” don’t you mean hers and hers.


  11. That lil girl holding her own. i love how she smile in her mother’s face and be like, i can’t be happy for you because i don’t agree with it. god bless her for standing on what she believes.


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